$89 braille mobile phone on sale in Australia


Former Optus manager behind launch of unique device.

The world’s first braille phone called the OwnFown has gone on on sale in Australia.

Rather than a screen the UK-developed device has braille buttons made with 3D printing and customised for each user. The price starts at $89 and call plans start at $2.35 a week.

Users pick up to three contract names on the OwnFown web site, which are converted to braille and printed on the phone.

The UK inventor of the device, Tom Sunderland, said, “In the past, the cost of developing a braille phone versus the market size has been a barrier to entry,. 3D printing provides a fast and affordable way to overcome this barrier.”

The phone is being sold in Australia directly, through the OwnFown web site. OwnFown Australia director is Brad Scoble, formerly from Optus.

“OwnFone’s braille phone is very easy to design and easy to use,” Scoble said. “There is simple one button dialling, and the braille buttons are pre-programmed to call people of the user’s choice, such as family, friends or carers.”

“Users can only make and receive phone calls, and Triple Zero (000) is always included as an option, in case of an emergency.”

OwnFown also sells phones designed for children or seniors.

source: crn.com.au

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