Five Hamilton Olympic teams in the NPL Semi Finals in Newcastle

George Tsamouras (Hamilton Olympic)

Five of the seven NPL teams of Hamilton Olympic have made it to the semi – finals this year. The only two who didn’t are the u18s and First Grade!

NPL Northern NSW Semi Final 1st Leg

⚽️ U20s – Olympic vs Broadmeadow
Saturday 4.15pm at Magic Park

NPL Youth Semi Final
Winners progress to next weeks Grand Final

⚽️ U16s – Olympic vs North Coast
Saturday 2.45pm at LMRFF Field 1

⚽️ U15s – Olympic vs Broadmeadow
Saturday 12.20pm at Adamstown Oval

⚽️ U14s – Olympic vs Jets Academy
Saturday 7.45pm at LMRFF

⚽️ U13s – Olympic vs Broadmeadow
Saturday 6.05pm at LMRFF

Zone League 2
Semi Final 2nd Leg
Saturday at Darling St

⚽️ 1st Grade Olympic (3) – (1) Kahibah
Kick off at 7.45pm

⚽️ 2nd Grade Olympic (0) – (1) Bolwarra
Kick off at 5.30pm

🏆Community Juniors Grand Finals

⚽️ 🏆 Over 35s Olympic vs Kahibah
Friday at Raymond Terrace kick off 8.00pm

⚽️ 🏆 Under 12s Olympic vs Lambton
Saturday at Raymond Terrace kick off 9.30am

Source: Tom Tsamouras

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