A Christmas gift from the Greek Ambassadors to destitute children in Greece


Eugenia Thanou (Director Doctors of the World Greece), Angeliki Mavrikou (Fundraising & Communications Department Doctors of the World Greece), Evy Yannas (Founder Greek Ambassadors), Nikos Foundoukos (Founding Volunteer Doctors of the World Greece)

Though in recent times Greece’s economy has reportedly taken a positive turn, the reality on the ground has at best stayed the same.

Many families are still in crisis as they struggle to make ends meet and as they try to access basic medical care which they cannot afford. This is particularly problematic during the cold winter months, where there is an increased incidence of sickness.

As part of their ongoing medical and pharmaceutical aid campaign, the Greek-Australian not-for-profit organisation Greek Ambassadors, recently donated $2000 to Doctors of the World to help fund medical care provided to children who are one of the worst victims of the crisis. The Greek Ambassadors would like to warmly thank all members of the Greek and wider Australian community who made gold coin and direct donations towards this worthwhile cause (donations of $250 in memory of Arthur Kouvelas and $250 in memory of Ilias Kolendrianos are specially noted).

This donation was used to purchase medicines and medical supplies that will help more than 250 children during winter and over the Christmas period. This includes antibiotics, inhalants, skin ointments, nasal sprays and anti-fever medications.

During her visit to the Athens headquarters in August of this year, Evy Yannas the founder of Greek Ambassadors witnessed first-hand the wonderful support that the Doctors of the World provide to the uninsured, the destitute and unemployed people of Greece on a daily basis, almost exclusively through the hard work of their volunteer doctors, nurses and therapists.

Over the Christmas period, Doctors of the World are running their annual “A little milk for a lot of kids” campaign which creates Christmas trees from cans of milk donated by schools and companies, and distributes them to children who are most in need.

This year, a massive 7000 cans of milk have been donated and this effort will continue into the winter months through their children programs and clinics.

The Greek Ambassadors encourage everyone to show “a little Christmas love” by making a donation to support this wonderful campaign. They would also like to take this opportunity to send their love and best wishes for a happy and safe Christmas to all of the community and to thank them for their continued support.

For more information or to make a donation please email your enquiries to aid@greekambassadors.org.

source: studio3newcastle.com


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