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Adelaide United claim inaugural FFA Cup 1-0 as Perth Glory see red

FFA Cup Champions: Adelaide United claimed a 1-0 win in front of their parochial crowd.

Adelaide United are the first club to be etched on the FFA Cup after a 1-0 win over 10-man Perth Glory in the inaugural final.

Enjoying a numerical advantage after Josh Risdon’s second-half dismissal, United’s Sergio Cirio inflicted the mortal wound in the 67th minute.

Adelaide suffocated the life out of Perth, making possession pay in their now-familiar style.

The victory gives United their first trophy in seven years and the first fruits of their Spanish revolution under Josep Gombau.

The FC Barcelona-trained coach has brought a new style, new signings and a winning culture to Adelaide.

His side started the contest favourites over the A-League leaders thanks to home-ground advantage.

But until the red card, Glory’s rear-guard looked set to withstand the Reds’ assault.

Whether it was the windy conditions, or Perth’s tough pressing, Adelaide were unable to fashion clear-cut chances for much of the match.

Marcelo Carrusca tested Danny Vukovic early from long range, while Andy Keogh was too isolated as the sole Perth frontman to threaten at the other end.

It was Ruben Zadkovich who caused the most commotion, three times threatening his participation in the final with rash challenges.

Jimmy Jeggo was a particular target as the Glory racked up the fouls in response to Adelaide’s possession.

Referee Chris Beath’s leniency was driving Adelaide United mad but he finally had the card out when Richard Garcia held back play and Risdon dived in rashly.

As a disappointing half came to an end, flying winger Awer Mabil fluffed their best chance.

Marcelo Carrusca’s mugging of Rostyn Griffiths allowed Bruce Djite to play a perfect through-ball to Mabil.

With only the keeper to beat, the young winger fired wide to his, and everyone else in the 16,142-strong crowd’s disbelief.

As the game opened up in the second half, Perth’s ill-discipline cost them just before the hour mark.

The slightest of tugs to Carrusca’s shirt brought about Risdon’s second yellow and brought Perth a man down.

Ten minutes later, their scoreboard disadvantage was the same.

As Adelaide sniffed an opener, the probing Carrusca found Cirio with a through-ball, who rounded Vukovic before netting from a tight angle.

While Perth struggled on, from that point on there looked to be only one outcome.

Gombau’s side butchered several chances to extend the lead but needed no help celebrating.

The second-year Reds coach threw his hands in the air and around his fellow coaches on the final whistle.

ADELAIDE UNITED 1 (S Cirio 67m) bt PERTH GORY 0 at Coopers Stadium, Adelaide.


«Θα μείνουμε πάντα ανοικτή κοινωνία»: Η Αυστραλία σε σοκ μετά την τραγωδία


«Θα μείνουμε πάντα ανοικτή κοινωνία»: Η Αυστραλία σε σοκ μετά την τραγωδίαΛουλούδια έξω από την καφετέρια ως φόρος τιμής στα θύματα της ομηρίας.

Η τραγική κατάληξη της ομηρίας στην καφετέρια του Σίδνεϊ έχει βυθίσει τη χώρα σε σοκ, και προστίθεται στο σκηνικό της συζήτησης για τα αντιτρομοκρατικά μέτρα -μία συζήτηση που δεν διεξάγεται πάντοτε ψύχραιμα στην Αυστραλία.

O δράστης δεν βρισκόταν σε λίστα παρακολούθησης για τρομοκρατία.

Ποιος ήταν ο ένοπλος στη δραματική ομηρία στο Σίνδεϊ
Αιματηρή κατάληξη του θρίλερ με δύο νεκρούς
«Θα μείνουμε πάντα μία ελεύθερη, ανοικτή και γενναιόδωρη κοινωνία» λέει ο πρωθυπουργός Τόνι Άμποτ, που υπογράμμισε ωστόσο ότι «οφείλουμε να αναρωτηθούμε εάν μπορούσαμε να το είχαμε αποτρέψει».

Μιλώντας την Τρίτη, ο Άμποτ εξήρε το έργο των αστυνομικών και την ψυχραιμία των κατοίκων, εκφράζοντας παράλληλα τα συλλυπητήριά του στις οικογένειες των θυμάτων.

«Αθώοι άνθρωποι παγιδεύτηκαν στις αρρωστημένες φαντασίες ενός βαθύτατα διαταραγμένου προσώπου» είπε χαρακτηριστικά ο Άμποτ.

Ο αυστραλός πρωθυπουργός ανέφερε πως ότι ο δράστης δεν ήταν σε λίστα παρακολούθησης όσων θεωρούνται επικίνδυνοι για τρομοκρατικές πράξεις, έστω κι αν ήταν «γνωστός στην αστυνομία», όπως είπε, εξαιτίας του βεβαρημένου ιστορικού του.

Η Αυστραλία έχει περάσει τους τελευταίους μήνες ένα από τα αυστηρότερα πλαίσια για την καταπολέμηση τρομοκατικών κινδύνων. Η χώρα συμμετέχει στις επιχειρήσεις εναντίον της ISIS στο Ιράκ, ενώ μερικές δεκάδες Αυστραλοί έχουν φύγει για να πολεμήσουν μαζί με τους τζιχαντιστές.

Παράλληλα με την αυστηρότερη νομοθεσία, οι αρχές έχουν προχωρήσει σε επιχειρήσεις συντεταγμένων εφόδων εναντίον υπόπτων για διασυνδέσεις με ισλαμιστικά δίκτυα.

Ωστόσο, η συζήτηση γύρω από τα μέτρα που πρέπει να ληφθούν για τον κίνδυνο τρομοκρατικών επιθέσεων επί αυστραλιανού εδάφους δεν διεξάγεται πάντοτε ψύχραιμα. Μερίδα του αυστραλιανού Τύπου δεν έχει αποφύγει τρομολαγνικά πρωτοσέλιδα ή ρητορική που εύκολα μπορεί να καλλιεργήσει φόβο απέναντι σε οποιονδήποτε με μουσουλμανικό υπόβαθρο -οι έκτακτες εκδόσεις εφημερίδων το μεσημέρι της Δευτέρας ήταν ενδεικτικό παράδειγμα.

Πηγή: in.gr


King slams FYROM


She gets called a “Greek whore” in return

Dorothy King is an American renowned archaeologist and historian, living and working in England.

She is also a blogger (her blog is entitled PhDiva) and writer, taking on political and historical matters in her own vertical as well as conservative way. Miss King is not your typical academic, as she is not afraid to speak her mind and her interviews or statements always make headlines in newspapers and TV.

Dorothy King is a supporter of the return of the Parthenon marbles retained by Britain, to Greece. For said reason she has repeatedly slammed the UK government for not allowing the Elgin marbles to go back to Greece.

This time her interview for the Geek newspaper “Ethnos tis Kyriakis”, which apart from the findings in Amphipolis, referred to the on-going name dispute between FYROM and Greece on the use of the term “Macedonia”, instigated a major twitter dispute, which led to several FYROM nationals, calling her “Greek prostitute who hides the truth.”

“The Macedonians invaded and conquered Skopje, but Alexander conquered Iran and Afghanistan as well. None of these two other countries ever claimed to be Macedonia,” King told Ethnos.

“Amphipolis is in Macedonia, Vergina is in Macedonia and Macedonia is in Greece. To claim the opposite is so ridiculous. It is like saying that Jesus went to America.”

Dorothy King has also shared the same views on her blog. After receiving threats and being bullied on twitter, King broke her silence and shared the spiteful tweets.
“Seriously? Send me threats because I’m a “Greek prostitute” hiding the truth about Macedonia,” she added.

“I would rather be a Greek whore than a ‘Skopjedonian'[FYROM national],” she continued. “I think it would be more fun,” she wrote and explained that the past few days, she’s had to block some FYROM nationals from her social media.

“Too bad we do not use their energy to do something more productive,” King Said.

Greece to participate in Eurovision 2015

Greece to participate in Eurovision 2015

Greece’s Eurovision entry this year, Freaky Fortune, failed to live up to expectations.

Greece’s state broadcaster NERIT has become an active member of the European Broadcasting Union, meaning it can participate in the popular song competition.

Eurovision fans can sleep easy, as Greece has been green lit to enter the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna.

The entry was in doubt after the country’s state broadcaster ERT ceased operating, and the caretaker channel, NERIT, had not been given broadcasting approval.

Now, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has allowed NERIT to show the competition after agreeing to give it active membership in the union.

“We’re glad to have Greece joining the 60th Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna. Their dedication to the biggest music event in the world has been impressive throughout the years,” said the contest executive supervisor, Jon Ola Sand.

Last year’s permission to participate in the contest was given as an exception, and saw Freaky Friday make it to the final. They placed 20 out of 26, one of the country’s worst performances in the last two decades. Greece has been one of Eurovision’s most successful and strongest competitors in the last 10 years, and won the contest in 2006 with Elena Paparizou’s My Number One.

Greece has qualified for the final every year since the introduction of the semi-finals in 2004.

Next year, Greece will join 38 countries in Vienna to compete for the 60th Eurovision Song Contest. Drag queen Conchita Wurst won the final with the song Rise Like a Phoenix this year, making it Austria’s first win since 1966.

source: Neos Kosmos


Greece:Unemployment falls to 25.7 per cent in September

Unemployment falls to 25.7 per cent in September

Good news, but things are still not looking up in the Greek job market.

September’s reading was the lowest since August 2012.

Greece’s jobless rate fell to 25.7 per cent in September from a upwardly revised 26 per cent rate in August as the country’s six-year recession eases, Greek statistics agency ELSTAT said on Thursday.

September’s reading was the lowest since August 2012 when unemployment stood at 25.5 per cent. The record high was set in September 2013, when unemployment hit 28 per cent.

Greece’s unemployment is coming down from record highs as the economy stabilises after a severe six-year recession but remains at more than double the euro zone average of 11.5 per cent in September. The Greek economy is projected to expand by 0.6 per cent this year.

Source: Reuters

Stamboulidis gets international call up

Stamboulidis gets international call up

Stamboulidis gets international call up

Haris was quickly signed to Melbourne City’s youth team after a stellar season at Heidelberg United.

A Heidelberg United great and now Melbourne City recruit, Haris Stamboulidis is carving a strong professional career at just 18.

When I call Haris Stamboulidis he’s right in the middle of getting his Greek passport paperwork done. As a proud Greek Australian teenager and aspiring professional football player, he’s looking to keep all options open but at the moment his heart is still firmly planted at home.
Haris has been a Greek Australian club hit. Starting early on at Heidelberg United, then moving to Essendon Royals, Northcote City and then coming back to United, his career has been embedded in the grassroots Greek and Victorian football community.
Finishing the year playing in the Heidelberg United NPL seniors team and helping the club reach third on the ladder, Haris unbecomingly put himself in the spotlight.
It wasn’t long until the A-League came sniffing.
Now signed to Melbourne City’s youth team, Haris is looking at a strong trajectory.

He’s already been shortlisted as one of the 18 youngsters set to travel to the School Sports Australian national team tour of the UK and Ireland.

Representing the nation, Haris will be going up against the world’s best youth players signed to some of the most prestigious European and English clubs.

He knows it will be an uphill battle but is quietly confident that the team selected is up for the task.

“I’m definitely excited, it’ll be a great experience to gauge where we are as footballers,” he tells Neos Kosmos.

“A few players like Raheem Sterling who have played in this competition have gone on to become top class footballers.”

Being chosen to represent the country wasn’t an easy task. He had to fend off other hopefuls in a tournament in August playing five games in six days to get the nod.

He will be joining the other 18 in early January for a camp in Sydney before they fly out on January 17.

He’s banking on an underdog tag to motivate the boys and give them a competitive edge.

“The Aussie spirit is something we can hold onto and get inspired by. I definitely think we can do well in the UK,” he says.

His love of football is down to his father’s own obsession. A semi-professional player himself at Northcote City, Greg Stamboulidis noticed a fire in his son early on that he could see needed to be nurtured.

“I saw that his focus and dedication was quite extraordinary,” he tells Neos Kosmos.

“We used to practice travelling with the ball with the left foot. I used to say we’ll do 50 reps and that’s enough, but he’d say ‘no lets do another 10’. Ten became another 50 because he insisted.”

“When I saw that, I said this kid might go further.”

Further is an understatement, as he prepares to take his shot internationally and show his worth at Melbourne City.

Having to take some time off at the start of the season thanks to his year 12 exams, Haris still hasn’t been able to start for the team but is hopeful he’ll become a starting regular in the near future.

Coach Joe Palatides has faith in him and Haris is very much a fan of his mentor.

“I’m very thankful for Joe Palatides, for his support and as well as the whole team at Melbourne city, they’ve helped me,” he says.

“It’s a very professional environment, all credit goes to Joe Palatides and all the players involved.”

As he starts his journey with City, he’s not shy at revealing what he’d like to achieve in the next couple of years.

“Playing in a professional environment is one of my short-term goals,” he says.

Whether that will still be at Melbourne City is still being debated.

Like most football players the allure of playing for the best is still a dream.

Travelling to Greece recently Haris was able to see first-hand how some of the world’s best train and perform.

“It’s definitely a world class standard, we have some superstars playing in Greece, it’s unbelievable the talent, and the quality of football is unbelievable,” he says.

He was fortunate enough to attend a PAOK Panathinaikos match while in Greece, but he’s not so happy that his favourite team AEK is still languishing in the third league after being booted out of the Super League.

Asking him if he was to be called up by both Australia or Greece who he would pick, he’s rightfully torn.

“I guess whoever gives me the opportunity first,” he says.

“It would be an honour to represent any national team.”

Back home, Haris is hoping to make a lasting impression on Palatides to get as much game time as possible before the big January trip.

Expect to see the Stamboulidis name become a Melbourne City staple in a couple of months.

source: Neos Kosmos

Little Jay Beatty invited to Greece

Little Jay Beatty invited to Greece

Jay Beatty on the way to Athens. Photo: Irish Times.

The Giorgios Samaras super fan was in Greece to receive a special sports award.

The 10-year-old Celtic and Giorgios Samaras fan, Jay Beatty, has been invited to Greece to receive a sports award.

The Greek Sport Journalists’ Association has decided to invite Jay and his father to the event for their 60th anniversary, which took place on Monday 15 December.

“Our association has decided to honour the friendship between Jay and Georgios Samaras, for the message of humanity and sensitivity that they sent worldwide,” an association representative said.

Jay’s father Martin has confirmed they will be travelling to Athens, and has taken the time to thank all the support their family has received.

“It’s hard to believe that a 10-year-old boy with Down’s Syndrome will be flying to Athens to receive this,” he said.

“To each and every one of you who has treated Jay with so much love and respect and to the Celtic support, this award is as much yours as it is Jay’s.”

Jay, who suffers from Down Syndrome, shot to international fame when Samaras plucked him from the stands at his last game for Celtic and took him on a lap of the stadium and introduced him to the team.

Jay is also a big Greece fan, and was filmed jumping for joy when Samaras scored a goal for the national team at the World Cup.

“This boy gives me so much strength, it’s incredible,” Samaras told Greek media. “There are no words. I feel his love so much. This love I feel, is also felt by many people in Greece.”

source: Neos Kosmos

Martin Place cafe siege:•Fatally shot cafe manager Tori Johnson praised as hero


Cafe manager Tori Johnson was killed attempting to disarm the gunman. Source: Supplied

THE manager of the Lindt cafe who was fatally shot in the Martin Place siege is being praised as a hero, responsible for allowing others trapped in the cafe to escape.  

Tori Johnson, 34, was wrestling a gun from hostage-taker Man Haron Monis when he was killed.

It is understood the cafe manager decided to take action when the gunman began to doze off after the siege had been ongoing for 17 hours.

He lunged at the hostage-taker’s weapon, allowing others to flee.

He was one of two hostages killed in the siege, with 38-year-old lawyer Katrina Dawson also fatally shot.

Tori Johnson’s family has expressed their sorrow for the family of Katrina Dawson as well

His family has expressed their sorrow for the family of Katrina Dawson too. Source: ABC

The parents of the siege hero have released a statement describing their pride in their “beautiful boy”.

“We are so proud of our beautiful boy Tori, gone from this earth but forever in our memories as the most amazing life partner, son and brother we could ever wish for,” the statement released through 2GB presenter Ben Fordham read.

“We’d like to thank not only our friends and loved ones for their support, but the people of Sydney; Australia and those around the world for reaching out with their thoughts and prayers.”

Details are continuing to emerge about what happened inside the cafe, after a teenage hostage conveyed the demands of the gunman.

In a series of chilling two-minute phone calls, the 19-year-old told The Daily Telegraph the hostage-taker’s demands, including a call for an Islamic State flag to be delivered and an audience with Tony Abbott.


Katrina Dawson was the second hostage killed. Source: Supplied


Friends and family of the injured arrive at hospital. Photos: Chris McKeen

Family of injured hostages arrive at hospital. Picture: Chris McKeen Source: News Corp Australia

The hostage also detailed the gunman’s stark threats as he grew aggravated when hostages fled.

“He says an eye for an eye; if someone else runs, someone dies,’’ the 19-year-old said.

“I have had a shotgun put at my head and all (he) wants is (the demands met). We are all afraid, I don’t think you have ever had a shotgun placed at your head. Yes we do need help, but that will only happen if demands are met. We have been treated very well.”

And then an alarming end to the first call, the teen’s voice creaky in trepidation. “He’s coming now. Bye.”

The second hostage killed has been identified as barrister Katrina Dawson. The 38-year-old mother-of-three is the sister of well-known Sydney lawyer Sandy Dawson.

Ms Dawson was tragically killed trying to defend her pregnant colleague, Julie Taylor.

The NSW Bar Association released a statement this morning. “Katrina was one of our best and brightest barristers who will be greatly missed by her colleagues and friends at the NSW Bar,” said Bar president Jane Needham SC in the statement.

“She was a devoted mother of three children, and a valued member of her floor and of our Bar community.

“Our thoughts are with her family at this time, including her brother, Sandy Dawson of Banco Chambers.”

Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione at the Martin Place flower memorial. Governor-general

Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione at the Martin Place flower memorial. Governor-general Peter Cosgrove and NSW Premier Mike Baird have also paid tribute at the scene. Source: News Corp Australia

The barrister had been having coffee with her pregnant colleague when the cafe was taken over by the gunman. Her children, aged eight, five and three, were being informed of the tragic outcome this morning, The Australian reports.

Two pregnant women, aged 35 and 30, were among the 17 hostages. Both have been assessed and are stable, police deputy commissioner Catherine Burn confirmed.

One of those was Ms Taylor, a colleague of Ms Dawson. Another lawyer, Stefan Balafoutis, has been named as one of the surviving hostages.

Others who have been identified are Marcia Mikhael, who was forced to send out a chilling video plea detailing the gunman’s request yesterday, and Elly Chen, 22, one of two female Lindt workers who fled the cafe yesterday.

Another of the hostages to run to safety was Viswakanth Ankireddy, a 32-year-old from India, who lives in Sydney. Mr Ankireddy was heading to work at Westpac where he was working on a project. He is employed by multinational tech giant Infosys.

His father told media he only knew his son was safe when he saw him escape on live television.

Four Westpac employees were among the hostages. CEO Gail Kelly this morning confirmed all of them were safe and accounted for.

Sunshine Coast woman Harriette Denny, 30, joined Mr Ankireddy in running from the cafe just before shots were fired inside and police stormed in.

Miss Denny, who worked at the cafe, was one of the hostages who were seen pressed against the glass of the Lindt cafe yesterday.

Her father Robert Denny posted on Facebook of his relief but said the family would not be celebrating out of respect to those who had been killed.

“Harriette lost a valued friend and work colleague and our hearts go out to his family and the family of the lady who lost her life,” he said.

NSW Police released an update on the six people injured:

A 75-year-old female who received a gunshot wound to the shoulder — stable condition.

A 52-year-old female who received a gunshot wound to the foot — stable condition.

A 43-year-old female with a gunshot wound to the leg — stable condition

A 39-year-old male who received a minor facial injury due to gunshot — treated at hospital and discharged.

A 35-year-old pregnant female assessed for health and welfare purposes — stable.

A 30-year-old pregnant female assessed for health and welfare purposes — stable.

Nat Barr breaks down after learning identity of Sydney siege victim0:43

Nat Barr breaks down after learning identity of Sydney siege victim

Sunrise host Nat Barr breaks down live on air after learning that she knew one of the victims of the Sydney siege, 38-year-old mother Katrina Dawson. Courtesy: Sunrise/Channel Seven.

Nine News – Sydney terror7:

Siege at Sydney’s Martin Place cafe4:35

Siege at Sydney's Martin Place cafe

Hostages are being held and a siege is taking place at Sydney’s Lindt Chocolat Cafe in Martin Place.

Frightening siege at Lindt cafe Martin Place Sydney0:39

Frightening siege at Lindt cafe Martin Place Sydney

Right across from the Seven Network office in Martin Place, cameras focus on customers with hands in the air and holding a jihadist flag to the window. Courtesy Seven Network

Three hostages escape Lindt cafe siege0:45

Three hostages escape Lindt cafe siege

Three hostages – two customers and one employee – run out of the Lindt cafe where there is currently a hostage situation. Courtesy: Seven Network.

Sydney cafe siege, Chris Kenny witnessed woman call police1:05

Sydney cafe siege, Chris Kenny witnessed woman call police

News Corp Australia columnist Chris Kenny tells a Sky News crew that he saw the beginning of the Lindt cafe siege drama unfold in Sydney’s Martin Place.

Siege at Sydney’s Martin Place4:35

Siege at Sydney's Martin Place

Martin Place has been shut down and scores of police are surrounding the building after the alarm was raised about 9.45am.

Sydney siege ends1:01

Sydney siege ends

Hostages flee from cafe as police move in. Courtesy Nine News

Five hostages escape Sydney siege cafe1:00

Five hostages escape Sydney siege cafe

Several people appear to have fled from a Sydney cafe where up to 50 hostages are being held by a gunman.

The moment police storm the Lindt cafe in Sydney2:17

The moment police storm the Lindt cafe in Sydney

Police move in on the Lindt cafe in Martin place. Courtesy ABC News

A police officer who was seen with blood streaming from his head was taken to hospital and treated for a gunshot wound to the face. He has since been discharged and has vowed to be back at work tomorrow.

Three people were killed, including gunman Monis, after heavily armed police stormed the Martin Place cafe after shooting began just after 2am.

Police confirmed two hostages and the hostage-taker died and four others were injured during the operation that brought the siege at the Lindt cafe to an end.

A man was seen running out with his hands up before a crowd of hostages followed. A short burst of gunfire and flash grenades were heard as police stormed the building before declaring the siege over at around 2.45am.

Australian paramedics treat an injured hostage as other hostages are carried out of a caf

Paramedics treat an injured hostage. Source: AFP

Mr Johnson and Ms Dawson were pronounced dead after being taken to hospital.

The 50-year-old hostage-taker, who was known to police as a self-styled preacher of Islamic State on bail for an accessory to murder charge, was also pronounced dead at hospital.

Two women were taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries and another woman is being treated for a gunshot wound to her shoulder.

Addressing media this morning, Commissioner Scipione confirmed police were treating the operation as a critical incident and an investigation was underway.

“We need to actually find out what’s happened here and what’s happened inside that cafe,” he said.

The Commissioner assured Sydneysiders this was an “isolated incident” and urged that this incident not “bring about any loss of confidence about working or visiting in our city”.

Commissioner Scipione said his thoughts were with the hostages and their families, innocent people “who were just buying a cup of coffee and got caught up in this dreadful affair”.

NSW Premier Mike Baird and Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione have confirmed details of

NSW Premier Mike Baird and Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione have confirmed details of the operation this morning. Source: News Corp Australia

Premier Mike Baird has also addressed media, paying tribute to the families of the deceased and hostages, and rallying the people of NSW to “come together like never before”.

“We will get through this. The events we have seen have shaken us, but do not dampen our resolve,” he said.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott released a statement this morning following briefings with the NSW premier and police commissioner.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the two deceased hostages, the wounded and the other hostages,” he said.

“I commend the courage and the professionalism of the New South Wales Police and other emergency services.”

Mr Abbott will travel to Sydney early this afternoon to be further briefed by NSW police and other security agencies.

Hostages run for their lives

Hostages run for their lives. Source: AP

Lindt CEO Ernst Tanner released a statement this morning, expressing his “deepest sympathy to the victims and their families”.

“In these difficult times we all need to stand together in order to defend the values of freedom, peace and tolerance,” he said.

The company has offered support for victims and their families, as well as staff affected.

Authorities have commenced an extensive investigation and are currently attempting to assess the damage and arrange urgent medical attention for the hostages and police.

It is believed the area has now been cleared for risk of explosives and floral tributes have began to be laid outside the exclusion zone at Martin Place.

Police have been reluctant to reveal details of what prompted them to storm the building, but it has been reported hostages took the opportunity to escape as their captor begun to doze off.

Television footage initially showed a man running from the eatery with his arms raised, shortly after 2am before being patted down by police and escorted to safety.

Minutes later, two more men and two women raced outside and were directed away by police.

Their escape was followed by about 40 seconds of rapid gunfire as heavily-armed police stormed the cafe in numbers, managing to release others.

Two armed tactical response officers stand ready to enter the Lindt cafe.(AP Photo/Glenn

Two armed tactical response officers stand ready to enter the Lindt cafe. Source: AP

A woman, apparently middle-aged, was carried from the scene injured.

A second volley of shots erupted before the cafe filled with police and paramedics.

Stretchers were wheeled into the building to treat the injured and a bomb disposal robot was sent into the cafe by police.

Mr Scipione said police had no choice but to enter the building, after hearing gunshots and fearing hostages had been hit.

“They made the call because they believed at that time if they didn’t enter it would have been many more lives lost,” he said.

More hostages make n a run for it.

More hostages make a run for it. Source: Supplied

Police remain on scene. AFP PHOTO / SAEED KHAN

The 50-year-old, originally from Iran and living in southwest Sydney, had previously sent offensive letters to the families of dead Australian soldiers, calling them ‘murderers’, The Daily Telegraph says.

He had a sawn-off shotgun and was a fringe Islamist, The Australian and Sky News reported.

‘Sheik’ Man Haron Monis

‘Sheik’ Man Haron Monis Source: DailyTelegraph

The self-proclaimed IS leader’s former lawyer has described his warped outlook, saying Monis was committed to his causes, and truly believed that by sending offensive letters to the families of Australian soldiers he would “get the families on side and they would assist him”.

‘Hate sheik’ Man Horan Monis and girlfriend Amirzh Droudis granted bail

Sheik Man Haron Monis leaves Downing Centre Court after pleading guilty to sending offens

‘Sheik’ Man Haron Monis leaves Downing Centre Court after pleading guilty to sending offensive letters to families of dead Diggers. Source: News Limited

The hostages’ ordeal began at around 10am on Monday when Monis entered the Lindt cafe and reportedly withdrew a shotgun from a blue bag.

Throughout the day, hostages were seen pressed against the windows of the Lindt cafe, captured first by the Seven Network from their Martin Place studio directly opposite the location.

Some were forced to contact news outlets by telephone, record videos and use social media to relay the gunman’s demands.

At one stage a woman was used as a human shield as the gunman moved around inside the cafe.

Hostages were forced to hold an Islamic flag against the windows in turn.

Five hostages managed to escape yesterday, running from the back service door of the cafe into the arms of heavily armed police officers outside.

Hostages forced to stand against the windows of the Lindt cafe yesterday.

Hostages forced to stand against the windows of the Lindt cafe yesterday. Source: Supplied

From 8pm the building was in darkness with the 12 remaining hostages and gunman inside.

Heavily armed police and other authorities waited outside alert to any activity going on in the cafe.

As shots were heard and hostages fled just after 2am they sprung into action.

Although he was “well known” to police, deputy commissioner Catherine Burn said his motivations were still unknown.

“We don’t know at this point exactly what his motivations were,” she told reporters in Sydney.

“This is a man that we do believe had some extremist views and we also believe that he was unstable.”


Η κλήρωση του Oλυμπιακού στο Εuropa League

Η κλήρωση του Oλυμπιακού στο Εuropa League

Παρακολουθήστε την κλήρωση για τους 32 του Εuropa League και δείτε με ποια ομάδα θα βρεθεί αντιμέτωπος ο Ολυμπιακός.

Οι υποψήφιοι αντίπαλοι: Σεβίλλη, Βιγιαρεάλ, Λίβερπουλ, Τότεναμ, Ρόμα, Τορίνο, Βόλφσμπουργκ, Αγιαξ, Αϊντχόφεν, Σέλτικ, Άντερλεχτ, Ντνίπρο, Τραμπζονσπόρ, Γιουνγκ Μπόις, Άαλμποργκ, Γκινγκάμπ.

Bασικό κέρδος του Ολυμπιακού από την τοποθέτησή του στους ισχυρούς είναι ότι θα δώσει τη ρεβάνς στο Γεώργιος Καραϊσκάκης.

Οι ερυθρόλευκοι παράλληλα με τον αντίπαλο στους 32 θα μάθουν και το ζευγάρι με το οποίο θα διασταυρωθούν εφόσον προχωρήσουν στους 16 της διοργάνωσης.

Ο πρωταθλητής θα είναι στο γκρουπ των ισχυρών και θα δώσει τον επαναληπτικό στο Καραϊσκάκη, στα ματς του Φλεβάρη. Ανεπιθύμητες είναι από τον Μίτσελ οι δύο ισπανικές ομάδες, η Σεβίλλη και η Βιγιαρεάλ, ενώ ο Ολυμπιακός δεν θέλει να παίξει με Άγγλους με τους οποίους δεν έχει καλή παράδοση. Πολύ καλή θα είναι μια κλήρωση με την Άαλμποργκ ή την Γιουνγκ Μπόις, αλλά ο Ολυμπιακός μπαίνει με το σκεπτικό ότι μπορεί να αποκλείσει τον οποιονδήποτε και δεν πρόκειται να υποτιμήσει κανέναν.

Στις 15.00 θα γίνει η κλήρωση και για τη φάση των «16» του Youth League για την ομάδα U-19 του Ολυμπιακού. Τα ματς θα είναι νοκ άουτ τον Φεβρουάριο και υποψήφιες ομάδες είναι οι: Ρεάλ Μαδρίτης, Μπενφίκα, Άντερλεχτ, Μάντσεστερ Σίτι, Άγιαξ, Τσέλσι και Σαχτάρ.

Γιουνγκ Μποιζ-Έβερτον

Τορίνο-Αθλέτικ Μπιλμπάο





Άντερλεχτ-Δινάμο Μόσχας



Γκινγκαν-Ντινάμο Κιέβου







Η κληρωση με την Ντνίπρο είναι πολύ καλή! Γλίτωσε τα θηρία ο Ολυμπιακός!



Αυτά είναι τα 8 ζευγάρια των 16 του Τσάμπιονς Λιγκ

Αυτά είναι τα 8 ζευγάρια των 16 του Τσάμπιονς Λιγκ

Κληρώθηκαν τα 8 ζευγάρια των 16 του Τσάμπιονς Λιγκ.









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