Newcastle: Danny Cvetanoski pleads guilty to ongoing supply of ecstasy


YOUNG ecstasy dealer Danny Cvetanoski was so happy with business, he sidled up to a woman in a nightclub and boasted about how much he was making.

‘’I have so much money I can’t fit it in my wallet,’’ Cvetanoski told the girl.

His problem was the girl was an undercover cop, and he was being looked at as part of the massive Strike Force Rupas investigation.

Cvetanoski, 24, of Margaret Street, Mayfield East, pleaded guilty on Wednesday to the ongoing supply of ecstasy.

He has admitted selling a total of 105 ecstasy capsules during three deals with undercover police.

He also admitted to the King Street Hotel chat.

Cvetanoski: “I made $3000 last night. I owe em on tick, paid back $1900 so I made over $1000 last night.’’

Girl: “It changes…I get cash, a bit.

Cvetanoski: “I have so much money I can’t fit it in my wallet.’’

He was refused bail to appear in Newcastle District Court on December 20

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