A piece of Melbourne in Thessaloniki


A proposal has been put forward to name a street or town square after Melbourne

Continually looking for ways to strengthen the sister-city relationship, a proposal has been made to name a street, or better yet, a town square after Melbourne in Thessaloniki.

The suggestion was formally made by president of the Thessaloniki Association ‘The White Tower’, Paul Mavroudis, in a letter to the governor of Thessaloniki Vasilios Georgiou.

Greek composer and director Constantine Athirides has already expressed his support for the idea.

The creator of the acclaimed play Alexander the Great Rock Opera was welcomed by the association Down Under last month, where he gave an insightful presentation on his work, granting attendees the chance to view a promo video of the opera and partake in discussion about the story and portrayal of Alexander the Great.

Taken by his overwhelmingly positive experience at the association, Athirides formally thanked organisers in a letter on his return to Greece, adding that he “had the chance to witness first hand the strength and dynamism of the Macedonian diaspora”.

The idea was put forward to help honour the 32nd anniversary of the sister-city relationship.

Members have already organised a stellar program for 2016 to mark the occasion, including a festival set to take place later this year on November 27.

source:Neos Kosmos

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