Mary Coustas celebrates Jamie’s 1st birthday

Mary Coustas celebrates Jamie's 1st birthday

Mary Coustas with husband George Betsis and little Jamie on her birthday. Photo: Who Magazine.

Mary Coustas, 50, and her husband George Betsis, 55 have celebrated their daughter’s first birthday.

After so much heartache, Mary Coustas has something to marvel at.

Her daughter, Jamie, has just turned one.

Coustas, 50, and her husband George Betsis, 55, held a big Greek garden party and welcomed 75 guests to celebrate the milestone.

The overjoyed mum told Who Magazine that her first year of motherhood was “dreamy” and has surpassed any expectations.

“My imagination could not have lived up to the reality of how captivating Jamie is,” she said.

Coustas, better known as her Greek alter-ego Effie, had a turbulent and heartbreaking journey to conceive little Jamie.

She endured 23 IFV attempts, miscarriages, and the tragic stillbirth of daughter Stevie in 2011.

But this year has been all about celebration, with Coustas taking their bundle of joy all the way to Greece to be christened.

“My dream of christening our daughter Jamie in Tinos, Greece where I prayed for her 15 months earlier, finally came true,” she said on her Facebook page in September.

Source: Who Magazine

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