Angelika Peters: Missing mum found


Angelika Peters returns home after week-long disappearance

Seven days after Ascot Vale mother-of-two Angelika Peters went missing, her husband Adam Gray and daughters Arna and Jessica Dionysopoulos have welcomed her home.

“Angelika walked in the door yesterday afternoon after a week of living/hiding outdoors. She is ok and will receive the help she has asked for,” said her husband Adam Gray talking to Neos Kosmos.

Ms Peters left the family home on Thursday September 4 and concerns for her safety grew in the days that followed, particularly since she left without taking any significant personal possessions such as bank cards, jewellery or her mobile phone.

As the family became increasingly worried her eldest daughter, Arna, 25, travelling from Canberra to Melbourne to help search for her mother.

Ms Peters had been struggling to cope with a severe latex allergy which forced her to terminate her 20-year nursing career earlier this year. Most recently she had been working in the radiology unit of the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

The family spent last week putting up posters on the streets of Ascot Vale and making enquiries in Lalor where Angelika spent time as a child.

Supporting the police’s search effort were Ms Peters’ brother who flew in from Queensland and her sister from Ireland.

Mr Gray said that his wife suffered from depression related to the loss of her job, “but the extent of it we weren’t aware of”.

A contributing factor to Ms Peters’ psychological state is believed to be the recent death of a family pet.

Mr Gray told Neos Kosmos that his wife had previously gone missing for a day last month.

“She went for a walk and just kept walking.” On that occasion Angelika returned in the afternoon.

source: Neos Kosmos

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