Australia:This meteorite is believed to be older than Earth


A meteorite that was recently discovered in Australia is believed to be older than Earth.

The space rock came crashing down to our planet on November 27 last year.

Locals in the William Creek and Marree areas of South Australia saw it breaking through the atmosphere. It was also picked up by the Desert Fireball Network which monitors meteors over the outback.

Experts spent three days searching for it.

The meteorite was finally discovered 16.5 inches below thick salt lake mud – a few days later and it would have been washed away.

It’s thought to be 4.5 billion-years-old. The Earth is estimated to be a little bit older.

Phil Bland, from Curtin University, said: ‘It was an amazing team effort – we got there by the skin of our teeth.

‘This meteorite is of special significance as the camera observations used to calculate the fall positions have also enabled the solar system orbit of the meteorite to be calculated, giving important contextual information for future study.

‘It demonstrates beyond doubt that this giant machine that we’ve built really works.’

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