Barcelona’s Luis Suarez says Real Madrid won’t target Lionel Messi in El Clasico


Luis Suarez doesn’t believe Real Madrid will target Lionel Messi in Saturday’s Clasico, if the Barcelona forward is fit to take part.
Messi hasn’t played since a late September knee injury against Las Palmas but is back in training and reports from Spain say he’ll be involved to some degree.

“Whether he plays or not is his and the Coach’s decision. The feelings are good but we have to wait,” AS reports Suarez saying at a Wednesday Press conference.

“Leo is above the rest and Neymar is behind him as the second best. It’s enjoyable to have them around and I’m proud of my teammates. Messi can change anything at any time.

“We knew we wouldn’t be able to count on him for a few weeks and with Madrid’s defeat at Sevilla we took advantage [to go top]. We’ve done well without Messi.

“Messi needs to tell me how to play this kind of game. I’m in different form from last year and I’m certain I can do well.

“I’m fine, happy and in good shape. I’m eager to get the win, of course. You always want to go home with the victory.”

Suarez was asked if Sergio Ramos’ shoulder injury is something he’d look to exploit, and if the six-point gap that would arise if Barca won would be decisive for the title.

“I won’t go for Sergio’s shoulder in the same way they won’t go after Messi’s knee,” he confirmed.

“But if Ramos does have a pain-killing injection, I’ll push him hard.

“The League isn’t decided by leading Madrid by six points in November. There’s too much of the championship to go to think it’s finished. And there is Atleti, who will eventually fight for the League.

“Favourites? You never know what can happen and the opposite can happen when you’re favourites. You have to concentrate, to the utmost, to aspire to the victory. The Bernabeu is always imposing.

“Playing there is always special, for the importance. I’ve got good memories of my debut there, in the Barca shirt, but bad for the result.”

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