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Barcelona v Real Sociedad: Neymar, Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez score again in La Liga rout

NEYMAR netted twice while Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi also scored as Barcelona earned another lopsided win by beating Real Sociedad 4-0 Saturday to protect its lead of the Spanish league.

Neymar opened the scoring midway through the first half from a pass by Dani Alves, who also set up Suarez for the defending champions’ second just before halftime.

Neymar took his competition-high tally to 14 goals soon after the interval as he extended his scoring streak to four straight league matches.

With the result beyond doubt, Neymar and Suarez went to pains to try and set up their strike partner Messi, who went close three times and struck the upright before he got his goal to round off the rout in stoppage time. He has scored three times in three appearances since returning from a two-month injury layoff.

“It comes naturally for them. They look out for one another and aren’t happy unless all three score,” Barcelona coach Luis Enrique said.

Suarez, meanwhile, has scored in six consecutive rounds, and remained second in the league with 12 goals.

Second-place Atletico Madrid remained four points behind Barcelona after edging Espanyol 1-0 in the capital.

Antoine Griezmann scored his third goal in his last two games early in the match, and Espanyol never threatened to rally.

Atletico lost midfielder Tiago Mendes in the first half when he was carried off and taken to hospital for tests on his right leg after he injured it kicking Espanyol’s Marco Asensio in the back.

Barcelona was unstoppable for the third time in eight days after humbling Real Madrid 4-0 in last weekend’s clasico and obliterating Roma 6-1 in the Champions League.

Luis Enrique’s team has won nine of its last 10 games to go with one draw in the Copa del Rey that it played with reserve players.

When asked if his team provoked fear among its opponents, Luis Enrique said: “That’s a question for our rivals.”

Coached by former Barcelona player and assistant manager Eusebio Sacristan, Sociedad tried to disrupt Barcelona’s possession by pressuring far up the pitch.

The strategy, however, only left Neymar, Suarez and Messi with more room to romp.

Andres Iniesta headed Suarez’s pass off the post early on.

Barcelona kept arriving with ease on both flanks and Dani Alves was played through by Messi to square the ball for Neymar, who beat his marker and stabbed Barcelona’s first goal into the top of the net.

Dani Alves was again the assist-giver for Suarez when Iniesta sent him clear on the right side with a long ball. Suarez made a tough strike look easy as he drove in the cross with an acrobatic kick.

Barcelona’s third came from an incursion by left back Jeremy Mathieu, who ran onto Iniesta’s pass and crossed for the unmarked Neymar to tap in.

Messi’s goal was just as easy when Neymar spotted him in injury time.

Sociedad, in its second match since Sacristan replaced David Moyes, remained two points above the relegation zone.

Later, bottom side Malaga played Granada, Deportivo La Coruna visited Las Palmas, and Celta Vigo faced Sporting Gijon.


Melbourne Victory leap to top spot as fans stage anti-FFA walkout


Melbourne Victory has leapt to the top of the A-League table with a comfortable 2-1 win over bottom of the table Adelaide United at Etihad Stadium.

First half goals to Besart Berisha, from the penalty spot early on, and Oliver Bozanic, from a terrific free kick just before the half-hour mark, effectively sealed this match with an hour to go. Marcelo Carrusca’s 86th minute consolation from the penalty spot was as good as it got for Adelaide.

The game might, however, be remembered more for the actions of Victory’s North Terrace group of supporters, who staged a dramatic walkout just seconds after Bozanic’s shot had hit the back of the net.

Several hundred of the fans in the area behind Victory goalkeeper Danny Vukovic’s goal stood, saluted their heroes and then turned their backs on the action on the pitch and marched out of the stand, many waving their scarves as they went.

Most of the remaining fans applauded their demonstration as the players carried on, trying to ignore the distraction.

The supporters are incensed at what they believe is a lack of backing from the FFA to the criticisms of the sport over the past week following the “name and shame” file of 198 banned supporters published in News Corporations Sunday Telegraph last week.

They are even more angry at the lack of an appeals process whereby supporters who have been banned from grounds for years for sometimes minor infractions have had no avenue to argue that their “conviction” was wrong.

The supporters’ core argument is that the FFA is hypocritical – happy to use footage of active supporters creating a loud and passionate environment in marketing the game – but sometimes passing draconian judgement on those same supporters without any right to redress. There was also plenty of comment about the heavy police presence around the ground given the paltry numbers of travelling Adelaide fans.

Victory boss Kevin Muscat has always said that he will reward players regardless of name or status if they perform, and he was true to his word in his selection.

Even though club captain Carl Valeri was fit and available, Muscat left him on the bench and retained Rashid Mahazi in midfield, although Berisha, who had missed the game against Central Coast, did come back into the side at the expense of George Howard.

The Reds, marooned at the foot of the A-League table and still to win a game this year, began in lively enough fashion. Winger Sergio Cirio forced Victory full back Daniel Georgievski into an early error but could not capitalise on the opening as his shot flashed across the face of goal.

But they fell behind in the 14th minute when defender Jordan Elsey felled Victory’s overlapping full back Jason Geria in the area after Kosta Barbarouses had found him with a pass.

Berisha stepped forward and beat Eugene Galekovic in regulation style for his sixth goal of the season, putting him level with Melbourne City’s Uruguayan striker Bruno Fornaroli.

Bozanic headed wide from a free kick after the dynamic Barbarouses was fouled by Adelaide youngster George Mells, and it was the Kiwi international’s marauding run that led to the second goal.

Barbarouses sped past a couple of challenges and bore down on the Adelaide goal when his run was ended by a Jimmy Jeggo foul. Up stepped Bozanic, who directed the set piece up, over, round and then down beyond the Reds wall.

Galekovic got a hand to the ball but could not stop it going in.

The Reds have now played eight games and taken just three points out of a possible 24.

Pressure has been building on their Spanish coach Guillermo Amor.

Victory, however, marches on and would have been glad with a straightforward win as their workload over the next three weeks is tough, with three away games – in Wellington, Western Sydney and Perth.



Vandals desecrate Sydney graves


Vandals have caused about $500,000 damage at Sydney’s Rookwood Cemetery after desecrating more than 50 graves.

Police have labelled those responsible for damaging graves, ornaments, lights and flowers in the overnight rampage “low grubs”.

“I’d have to question the person’s mentality as well as status in society as well as their upbringing,” Inspector Sean Gabin told reporters on Saturday.

“The lowest common denominator of a human being – I’d call them low grubs.

“Many of the desecrated graves were in the cemetery’s Greek and Ukrainian section but police do not believe it was a targeted attack.

Officers were called to the cemetery about 2am on Saturday.Police stopped two men, aged 22 and 25, who were leaving as they arrived.

Their vehicle was searched and packets of substances believed to be illicit drugs were seized and sent for analysis.

The pair have been released without charge pending further investigation.It is the second time in less than a year that vandals have targeted Rookwood Cemetery.

More than 70 gravestones were desecrated in a late-night attack in December 2014, prompting the cemetery to increase overnight security patrols.


A guide for parents of Schoolies teens: if you love someone, set them free


I wanted my 17-year-old daughter to take a fake ID to Schoolies week.

The annual school leavers’ mega-party on the Gold Coast is a special kind of hell for parents of under 18s – the last thing you want is for them to be wandering the streets alone while their legal-drinking-age friends disappear into pubs.

When she left for her first adult-free trip, I believed having a fake licence would keep her tethered to her big group of 18-year-old school mates when they went out on the town.

So that just leaves falling off balconies, crossing the street drunk, swimming at night, drink spiking and unwanted attention from toolies to worry about.

To say nothing of the torture that is a teenager’s unanswered phone.

If you have been unable to convince your offspring that a charity immersion in Asia would be better soul food than a 24-hour party on the beach, like an estimated 25,000 other parents in NSW, your newly free child is probably in Surfers’ Paradise right now.

And the reality is they are probably far safer there this week than almost anywhere else in the world.

A special joint emergency services HQ is operating three blocks from party central at Cavill Mall – there police, ambulance, fire officers and a CCTV camera crew are on duty 24/7 in one room ready to respond in lightning time to any trouble in public spaces.

You can’t walk a block without seeing police patrolling on foot, or with drug dogs. They’re on the look out for trouble from older tourists known as toolies, drug dealers and drunken brawlers.

While no one can completely eliminate the risk of young adults getting into dangerous situations – and let’s face it, none of us will ever know what they get up to in their apartments – the impressive co-ordinated operation of services means help is close by.

The Queensland police told The Sun-Herald this week the whole Gold Coast community is geared to keeping our teens as safe as possible as the region’s tourism coffers depend on it.

Psychologist Christine Bagley-Jones said parents should try not to catastrophise, or let their own anxieties spoil Schoolies for their children.

“I think its inevitable parents will be stressed out – it’s a daunting concept but it’s about keeping busy and distracting yourself so you don’t spend every hour wondering what your kid is doing,” said Christine, a mother of five.

“In reality they are probably at the beach swimming and shopping and yes, there will be drinking and partying but it probably isn’t as bad as the images we create in our heads.”

Psychologist Sally-Anne McCormack, a mother of four schoolies survivors, agrees, saying parents have no choice but to trust their children.

“I’ve been there, done that, and my advice is to train yourself to replace anxious thoughts with good ones. Chances are they are safe, even if they are not answering their phone,” she said.

“Don’t have expectations of communication with them during this week. If you call them too much, it just teaches them to lie and all it does is pass on your own anxieties to them.

“Trust that you have raised them well. If you have made the decision to let them go, then let them be free and have fun with their friends.”

As for me, my commitment to resist over-calling was the hardest part. Though I knew her group had booked into a secure building with some of the strictest rules on the strip, I found it hard not to fret this time three years ago. Particularly as the fake ID didn’t happen.

They are too smart to post anything hair-raising on Facebook so stalking social media didn’t help quieten my need to know she was safe but being glued to incident-free news bulletins did.

In the end the best tonic is having a laugh with other mums. Some I know took the chance to go away on their own version of schoolies – moolies – as a distraction and a reward for helping get the kids through the high school years.

And when I had my own daughter safely at home again, I felt newly blessed by her presence, delighted with her company. Like the song says if you love someone, set them free.


Egypt: Secret chamber likely behind King Tut’s tomb


There is a ‘90% chance’ that behind King Tutankhamun’s tomb is a hidden chamber which may be the last resting place of Queen Nefertiti.
 Radar scans have suggested an empty space behind the walls of the pharaoh’s tomb and the evidence will now been analysed in Japan.
The tests were carried out after British archaeologist Dr Nicholas Reeves suggested the Ancient Egyptian Queen’s tomb might be hidden in an adjoining chamber in the Valley of the Kings.
Queen Nefertiti, who was thought to have been the boy-king’s stepmother, died in the 14th century BC.And if her final resting place has been discovered it would be the most remarkable Egyptian archaeological find this century.
The country’s antiquities minister Mamdouh al Damaty said experts were ‘approximately 90%’ sure there was another chamber there.Dr Reeves said: ‘Clearly it does look from the radar evidence as if the tomb continues, as I have predicted.
‘The radar, behind the north wall (of Tutankhamun’s burial chamber) seems pretty clear. If I am right it is a continuation – corridor continuation – of the tomb, which will end in another burial chamber.
‘It does look indeed as if the tomb of Tutankhamun is a corridor tomb… and it continues beyond the decorated burial chamber. I think it is Nefertiti and all the evidence points in that direction.
‘Experts carried out a preliminary scan of the tomb earlier this month using infra-red thermography to map out the temperature of its walls.At the time, Mr Damaty said the analysis showed ‘differences in the temperatures registered on different parts of the northern wall’ of the tomb.
King Tut died around 1323 BC and his tomb, complete with golden burial mask, was discovered in 1922 by another British archaeologist Howard Carter.
Experts have tried to understand why Tut’s tomb was smaller than that of other pharaohs and why its shape was more like that of the Egyptian queens of the time.Egyptologists remain uncertain over where Queen Nefertiti died and was buried.
She was thought to have passed away during her husband’s reign, suggesting she could be buried in Amarna, where her bust was found in 1912.
source: skynews.com.au

Ισπανία:Τεσσάρα» η Μπαρτσελόνα, δύσκολα η Ατλέτικο


Η Μπαρτσελόνα συνεχίζει να εντυπωσιάζει και πρόσθεσε μια ακόμη νίκη στο ενεργητικό της, καθώς στο πλαίσιο της 13ης αγωνιστικής στο ισπανικό πρωτάθλημα, νίκησε εύκολα με 4-0 τη Σοσιεδάδ στο «Καμπ Νου», με σκόρερ την ακαταμάχητη τριπλέτα Μέσι-Νεϊμάρ-Σουάρες.

Εστω και δύσκολα, η Ατλέτικο Μαδρίτης νίκησε 1-0 την Εσπανιόλ στο «Βιθέντε Καλντερόν» και παραμένει τέσσερις βαθμούς πίσω από τη Μπαρτσελόνα με τη συμπλήρωση του 1/3 στην La Liga. Ο Αντουάν Γκριζμάν πέτυχε το μοναδικό γκολ στο ξεκίνημα της αναμέτρησης.

Συνοπτικά τα αποτελέσματα και οι σκόρερ:

Λεβάντε-Μπέτις 0-1
(4′ Κάστρο)

Μπαρτσελόνα-Σοσιεδάδ 4-0
(22′, 53′ Νεϊμάρ, 41′ Σουάρες, 90′ Μέσι)

Ατλέτικο Μαδρίτης-Εσπανιόλ 1-0
(3′ Γκριζμάν)

Μάλαγα-Γρανάδα 28/11

Λας Πάλμας-Λα Κορούνια 28/11

Θέλτα-Σπόρτινγκ Χιχόν 28/11

Χετάφε-Βιγιαρεάλ 29/11

Εϊμπάρ-Ρεάλ Μαδρίτης 29/11

Ράγιο Βαγεκάνο-Αθλέτικ Μπιλμπάο 29/11

Σεβίλη-Βαλένθια 29/11

ΒΑΘΜΟΛΟΓΙΑ (σε 12 αγώνες)
Μπαρτσελόνα 33 -13αγ.
Ατλέτικο Μαδρίτης 29 -13αγ.
Ρεάλ Μαδρίτης 24
Βιγιαρεάλ 21
Θέλτα 21
Εϊμπάρ 20
Βαλένθια 19
Λα Κορούνια 18
Μπέτις 18 -13αγ.
Αθλέτικ Μπιλμπάο 17
Εσπανιόλ 16 -13αγ.
Σεβίλη 15
Ράγιο Βαγιεκάνο 14
Σοσιεδάδ 12 -13αγ.
Σπόρτινγκ Χιχόν 12
Χετάφε 11
Γρανάδα 10
Λας Πάλμας 10
Λεβάντε 10 -13αγ.
Μάλαγα 9


Ο Ηρακλής… ροπάλιασε τον ΠΑΟ, «επέστρεψε» ο Πανιώνιος – Αθλητισμός – Ποδόσφαιρο – Σούπερ Λίγκα


Μπορεί το ντεμπούτο του Στραματσόνι στον πάγκο του Παναθηναϊκού, αλλά και του Εσιέν στην «πράσινη» ενδεκάδα να άργησαν μια εβδομάδα λόγω της ματαίωσης του ντέρμπι με τον Ολυμπιακό, όμως, τελικά δεν στέφθηκαν με επιτυχία. Το Τριφύλλι ηττήθηκε από τον Ηρακλή στο Καυτανζόγλειο (Ηρακλής – Παναθηναϊκός 1-0) στο πλαίσιο της 12ης αγωνιστικής της Σούπερ Λιγκ.

Νωρίτερα, ο Πανθρακικός πανηγύρισε την πρώτη του νίκη στη φετινή Σούπερ Λιγκ και μάλιστα με εκκωφαντικό τρόπο, αφού επικράτησε του Ατρομήτου στο Περιστέρι (Ατρόμητος – Πανθρακικός 1-2).

Ενώ ο Πανιώνιος επέστρεψε στις νίκες, επικρατώντας 2-0 του ΠΑΣ Γιάννινα στη Νέα Σμύρνη (Πανιώνιος – ΠΑΣ Γιάννινα 2-0).

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Νωρίτερα, ο Πανθρακικός πανηγύρισε την πρώτη του νίκη στη φετινή Σούπερ Λιγκ και μάλιστα με εκκωφαντικό τρόπο, αφού επικράτησε του Ατρομήτου στο Περιστέρι (Ατρόμητος – Πανθρακικός 1-2). Ενώ ο Πανιώνιος επέστρεψε στις νίκες, επικρατώντας 2-0 του ΠΑΣ Γιάννινα στη Νέα Σμύρνη.

Την Κυριακή, η ΑΕΚ θα υποδεχτεί στο ΟΑΚΑ τον Παναιτωλικό στο πρώτο ματς της ημέρας, ενώ στο τελευταίο, ο Ολυμπιακός θα φιλοξενήσει τον Αστέρα Τρίπολης στο άδειο λόγω τιμωρίας Καραϊσκάκη, ψάχνοντας για το απόλυτο των νικών.

Η ομάδα του Μάρκο Σίλβα είναι το λογικό φαβορί για να πετύχει την 11η συνεχή νίκη στο πρωτάθλημα, αλλά θα πρέπει να προσέξει, καθώς ο Αστέρας έχει τις δυνατότητες για ν’ ανατρέψει τα προγνωστικά.

Αναλυτικά το πρόγραμμα της 12ης αγωνιστικής της Σούπερ Λιγκ:

Ατρόμητος-Πανθρακικός 1-2
(78′ Ναπολεόνι-41′ Μελίσσης, 81′ Ηλιάδης)

Πανιώνιος-ΠΑΣ Γιάννινα 2-0
(5′, 20′ Ανσαριφάρντ)

Ηρακλής-Παναθηναϊκός 1-0
(23′ Βέλιος)

15:00 (ΟΑΚΑ) ΑΕΚ-Παναιτωλικός
17:15 (Λιβαδιά) Λεβαδειακός-Ξάνθη
17:15 (Περιβολίων) Πλατανιάς-Βέροια
19:30 (Καραϊσκάκη) Ολυμπιακός-Αστέρας Τρίπολης

19:30 (Μυτιλήνη) Καλλονή-ΠΑΟΚ

1. Ολυμπιακός 10 30
2. Παναθηναϊκός 11 22
. Πανιώνιος 12 22
4. Αστέρας Τρίπολης 11 21
5. ΑΕΚ 11 20
6. ΠΑΟΚ 11 16
7. Ξάνθη 11 15
8. ΠΑΣ Γιάννινα 11 14
9. Ηρακλής 12 14
10. Πλατανιάς 11 14
11. Βέροια 11 13
12. Λεβαδειακός 11 12
13. Παναιτωλικός 11 12
14. Ατρόμητος 12 9
15. Καλλονή 11 7
. Πανθρακικός 12 7