Vandals desecrate Sydney graves


Vandals have caused about $500,000 damage at Sydney’s Rookwood Cemetery after desecrating more than 50 graves.

Police have labelled those responsible for damaging graves, ornaments, lights and flowers in the overnight rampage “low grubs”.

“I’d have to question the person’s mentality as well as status in society as well as their upbringing,” Inspector Sean Gabin told reporters on Saturday.

“The lowest common denominator of a human being – I’d call them low grubs.

“Many of the desecrated graves were in the cemetery’s Greek and Ukrainian section but police do not believe it was a targeted attack.

Officers were called to the cemetery about 2am on Saturday.Police stopped two men, aged 22 and 25, who were leaving as they arrived.

Their vehicle was searched and packets of substances believed to be illicit drugs were seized and sent for analysis.

The pair have been released without charge pending further investigation.It is the second time in less than a year that vandals have targeted Rookwood Cemetery.

More than 70 gravestones were desecrated in a late-night attack in December 2014, prompting the cemetery to increase overnight security patrols.

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