Greek Australian singer, Lady Gaga’s support act in Athens

Lady Gaga's choice

Lady Gaga’s concert in Athens was also a premiere for Kavvadias’ new single Hello.

Greek Australian singer Alex Kavvadias was chosen as the opening act of Lady Gaga’s concert in Athens

It was Sydney-born rock artist Alex Kavvadias who was honoured to perform as the opening act at Lady Gaga’s concert last Friday at OAKA stadium in Athens.

Winner of the Cosmote Jumping Fish competition, and finally chosen as the opening act by the management people of Lady Gaga herself, for Kavvadias the experience was also a chance to première his new single, Hello.

The talented Greek Australian artist started his career after moving to Greece from Australia, firstly as a model, but more recently and importantly, as a rock artist.

Once ‘the most talented high school student’, Alex Kavvadias comes from a musical family – his grandfather used to sing recreationally for the tourists in Crete. The musical gene is one that Alex himself inherited, as he told Neos Kosmos in an interview last year.

His decision to go to Greece for a holiday in 1999 changed his life in many ways, and fifteen years later, he is still there.

He entered the music scene professionally, as lead singer of the band Matisse. The band became famous with singles like Today, a theme song for the TV comedy series Mila Mou Vromika. The band was twice nominated as ‘Best Greek Act’ at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

Alex’s involvement with the band eventually came to an end when he decided to pursue a path that didn’t match the band’s aspirations.

As Kavvadias’ Australian publicist Helen Kavadas told Neos Kosmos, after getting to meet Lady Gaga as an opening act to her long awaited performance in Athens, the singer now hopes it will be easier to walk through the doors of the international music scene.

source: Neos Kosmos

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