Greek teams avoid Grexit


FIFA representative Costakis Koutsokoumnis announced Tuesday that the Greek Cup competition will resume avoiding the threat of the country’s suspension from European or international competition.

Koutsokoumnis, who is also Cyprus Football Association president, made the announcement after his meeting with Greek Deputy Sports Minister Stavros Kontonis and Greek FA president Giorgos Girtzikis.

“We have reached an agreement, there is a commitment to begin the Greek Cup again,” Koutsokoumnis said.

Kontonis last month cancelled the Greek Cup which had reached the semi-final stage for fear of violence, despite the disagreement of the Greek FA which blamed the government for meddling with their internal affairs.

FIFA and UEFA both warned Kontonis that the country would be suspended from European or international competition if the Greek Cup did not resume.

“The matches may be held outside Athens, perhaps without spectators or perhaps with only school children in the stands. This will be decided upon by Friday between Mr. Kontonis and the FA,” Koutsokoumnis said.

There is also talk that foreign referees may be called in for the two semi-final matches and the final which remain to be played.

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