Newcastle:Fisherman Conor Cogan’s near miss with a striped marlin off Port Stephens


CLOSE CALL: Conor Cogan (left) ducks as the striped marlin launches itself into the boat while the rest of the crew can only watch on during the New Year’s Day fishing trip about 40km off Port Stephens.

IT was a moment when the hunter became the hunted.

A new year trip off Port Stephens nearly turned nasty for some gamefisherman when an angry marlin decided to turn defence into attack and jump onto their boat more than 40km out to sea.

Conor Cogan was working the tag at the fishing spot known as “the car park’’ when he ducked the deadly beak of the 90kg fish.

A video of the extraordinary fishing tale has gone viral, showing Mr Cogan with his mates Ryan and Peter Constable as skipper Rob Constable is heard in the background.

“We had only just hooked up so he was still green and pretty angry,’’ Mr Cogan said.

“He only jumped once and then made this turn, caught the wash and speared straight towards me.’’

As the sharp beak flew over Mr Cogan’s head, the fish spun around and flipped back into the sea.

“He did hit me, on the back of my t-shirt there was a layer of marlin slime but not on a scratch on me.’’

The striped marlin lived to fight another day.

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