GOCMV offering new summer course on Hellenism


In association with the School of Languages and Linguistics of La Trobe University.

Transterritorial Hellenism is the next course being offered this summer at the Greek Community of Melbourne’s Greek Centre for Contemporary Culture.

Run in association with the School of Languages and Linguistics of La Trobe University, the course will explore issues in the modern construction of ethno national, civic, multiple and other identities.

The concept of Hellenism specifically is said to have evolved through various parts of the modern world, including Istanbul, Izmir, Thessaloniki, London, Nicosia, New York, and Melbourne.

The course will also explore the life of Greeks under Ottoman rule, and as students and scholars, victims of genocide, political exiles, guest workers, Europeans, and citizens of multi-cultural states, while also dissecting the influence of the Greek Orthodox Church, Greek irredentism, political conflict and modernisation on the formation of Greek identity.

Set to be an interesting six weeks, Transterrirtorial Hellenism will involve six hours of classes per week and is open to all.

Transterritorial Hellenism commences on 12 January, 2016 and ends 11 February, 2016 at the Greek Centre for Contemporary Culture, 168 Lonsdale St, Melbourne, VIC.

For more information, contact Dimitris Gonis via email d.gonis@latrobe.edu.au

source:Neos Kosmos

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