Australian celebrated for Battle of Crete involvement

Alf Carpenter 3110

Alf Carpenter honoured as part of ‘OXI’ Day commemorations

On the 75th anniversary of Greece’s national ‘OXI’ Day, the Greek diaspora of Australia has moved to commemorate one of the few remaining Australian soldiers who fought in the Battle of Crete.

Alf Carpenter, 98, who will travel from his native Newcastle in New South Wales to Sydney to take part in the commemorations, has vivid memories of Nazis parachuting onto the Greek island in 1941 – which resulted in 642 Australian deaths.

“I can also remember what wonderful people the Cretans were,” he said.
“I hope to get back to Crete for the 75th anniversary of the battle next year if I’m healthy enough.

“The problem is that no one wants to give you travel insurance when you are my age. I don’t blame them really.”

The Germans entered the Battle of Crete after Greece refused Italy free passage through the country, pushing its troops back beyond the Greek border into Albania.

source:Neos Kosmos

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