Newcastle:Karen Morris tells the court she saw murder-accused Caron Anne Wells kick Stephen MacLeod in the head


NEIGHBOURS say they went to the aid of East Maitland man Stephen MacLeod the night he was allegedly fatally wounded because they heard “thumping and banging’’ on the walls and yelling at about 4am.

Karen Morris said she could make out the voice of her long-time next door neighbour, Caron Anne Wells, saying “get the c—t out of here”, over and over again.

She entered the house and saw Mr MacLeod lying on his back in a hallway, with facial injuries. After being told to ‘mind her own business’ she said she saw Ms Wells kick Mr MacLeod in the back of the head.
“It was like a ‘you’re a piece of shit’ kick,” Ms Morris told the Newcastle Supreme Court on
Ms Wells is one of three people charged with the murder of Mr Macleod who died on March 26, 2014, ten days after that incident on that Sunday March 16, 2014.

Her son, Kris Mitchison, and his friend, Ricky Whelan, also stand accused of murder over Mr MacLeod’s death in what the prosecution says was a “pay back’ on Mr MacLeod for injuries he visited upon Ms Wells.

Ms Morris, who had lived next door to Ms Wells for about 20 years in Kenneth Street, said her neighbours had a “fiery” relationship involving heated arguments on an almost weekly basis.

The police were often called to intervene, she said. She said Ms Wells was a drunk who “gave as good as she got”. “They were both as bad as each other,” she said.

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Mr MacLeod was moaning in pain and distress as he lay on the ground in the moments before he was kicked, Ms Morris said.
“She put the boot in, basically,” Ms Morris said, of Ms Wells actions.
She later told the court that she did not see the kick connect with Mr MacLeod’s head but she saw his head snap back in response.

She broke down crying when she described seeing him two days later, saying one eye was bulging out of his head, and the pupil was “moving all about the place uncontrollably”.
The trial, before Justice Robert Hulme, continues.

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