Greek chestnut seller convicted over lack of license

A Thessaloniki court on Tuesday handed down a six-month suspended prison sentence to a chestnut seller who was arrested last Friday in central Thessaloniki for trading without a license.

The 61-year-old told the court that he had been selling roast chestnuts off a cart for years in central Thessaloniki.

He said he had a five-year license which expired in 2007 and that he was unable to renew it due to financial constraints, noting that he has debts of 150,000 euros.

“I don’t want to have debts. I just want a license to sell chestnuts and make a living,” he said, adding that he has eight siblings.

The 61-year-old rebuffed claims that he verbally insulted the police officers who arrested him, claiming that he briefly fainted during the inspection but then followed the officers to the local precinct.


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