Melbourne poised for rooftop sport


Growing CBD population leading to innovative thinking for social activities.

Melbourne’s skyline is set to change, according to a recent report, as councils consider new approaches in dealing with the city’s booming population, which is set to tip 180,000 by 2031.

According to the Herald Sun, the increase will lead to a shortfall of 12 sports ovals, 12 soccer fields, 10 indoor sports fields and one bowling green.

Councils are now considering the viability of holding sporting events on inner-city rooftops to revitalise Melbourne’s skyline and help alleviate increasing pressures associated with overcrowding.

The suggestion is receiving positive feedback from business owners and workers within the CBD area who say the innovative idea will save space, regenerate the city and create more social settings for people in the area.

Managing Partner at Moray & Agnew Lawyers Bill Papastergiadis is one of those heralding the idea.

“It makes sense and I think it’s a way going forward for utilising space in an urban jungle to create a green aesthetic and a calming influence for workers and also residents and an opportunity for people to get fit.

“My firm, Moray Agnew Lawyers … made the decision to come to the building where we are at the moment for the sole reason that we would have access to the rooftop garden for all of our staff and all of our events and it’s a hit.”

Five inner-city councils, including Melbourne’s, will hire a consultant to consider all available options for utilising space.

source:Neos Kosmos


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