Iron Mike Zambidis defeats Steve Moxon


The Greek Australian kick-boxer retires with pride.

Greek World Champion Mike Zambidis won the last fight of his career against Australian hyper – champion Steve Moxon.

Around 7,000 people had the opportunity to witness the fight at the Peace & Friendship Stadium in Athens on Saturday 27th of June.

The Iron Challenge, is Greece’s top kick boxing event.

Steve Moxon, has an official record of 23 knockouts and he entered as the No.14 super welterweight in the world.

However, Zambidis wasn’t discouraged by his opponent’s high ratings.

Against all odds, he fought his heart out and took a unanimous decision win over Moxon after 5 rounds.

Zambidis received a huge cheering from audience not only for this unforgettable experience, but for all the wins he’s had throughout the years that made him into a kick – boxing legend.

Entering his last professional fight “Iron Mike” had a record of 87 knock outs and had won 156 out of 178 matches.

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