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Evergreen Archie helps Victory create history


Both  Victory and Sydney FC progress to knockout phase of ACL

Melbourne Victory created its own piece of history during the week, winning through to the knockout phase of the Asian Champions League for the first time in five attempts after it defeated J-League team Gamba Osaka 2-1 at AAMI Park on Tuesday evening.

Outgoing club favourite Archie Thompson, who earlier in the week announced he wasn’t going to be playing for the club next season, played a part in writing that history by scoring the goal that put Victory 2-nil up against the visiting Japanese team.

Needing to win to ensure progress to the knockout phase of the competition, Victory got off to an ideal start when awarded a penalty for a handball in the 13th minute which Beshart Berisha converted. Just after the quarter hour mark, Thompson expertly finished a fine Kostas Barbarouses cut back, first time, to double Victory’s lead.

The crowd of just over 10,000 at AAMI Park had to endure a few nervous moments late in the game when Gamba Osaka’s Ademilson scored to put Victory on the back foot, but it held out to secure passage into the knockout round of 16 together with Sydney FC, which had already secured safe passage before its 1-nil away loss to Guangzhou Evergrande on Tuesday.

Victory’s Archie Thompson was all smiles in a post-match interview with Fox Sports.

“It’s just beautiful to obviously be part of something again. It’s the first time we’ve got through to the group stage. You can’t get rid of me just yet,” he said.
He acknowledged the difficulty of preparing for the ACL matches after the end of the regular season.
“It’s hard too because we’re not actually playing weekend games, so we haven’t got that match fitness, but this is a great result. I cramped a bit at the end. Danny cramped up and that’s because we’re not playing our weekly games. It’s credit to the boys. We know they were going to be a good side. We just look forward to the next round and anything’s possible.”

Victory’s win means it has finished second in Group G and will next meet the winner of Group E, either China’s Jiangsu Suning or Korean club Jeonbuk Hyundai, in a home leg on 17 May, followed a week later by the away leg.

Sydney FC, which topped its group, will next play China’s richest club Shandong Luneng, first in an away leg, before returning to the Sydney Football Stadium for the return leg on 25 May.

Source:Neos Kosmos

Greek parliament approves controversial austerity measures amid violent protests, riot police clashes


Greek MPs have passed a controversial package of pension reforms and tax hikes despite mass public opposition, bowing to creditor demands in the hope of unlocking the next round of badly needed bailout funds.

Greek parliament approves controversial austerity measures amid violent protests, riot police clashes – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

The unpopular measures were adopted thanks to the slim parliamentary majority held by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’s coalition government — the main New Democracy opposition party voted against the austerity package.

Earlier outside parliament, Greek riot police fired tear gas to disperse demonstrators throwing Molotov cocktails to protest against the reforms.

Greek television showed police firing volleys of tear gas in response to projectiles lobbed by masked youths during the demonstration, which attracted about 10,000 people.

Mr Tsipras’s government was seeking to adopt the new measures ahead of a crunch meeting of eurozone creditors in Brussels on Monday.

The reforms will reduce Greece’s highest pension payouts, merge several pension funds, increase contributions and raise taxes for those on medium and high incomes.

The austerity measures are part of a package demanded by the EU and IMF in exchange for the next round of an 86 billion euro ($133 billion) bailout agreed in July, the third for the debt-laden country since 2010.

Central Athens was largely closed to traffic with riot police vehicles parked in front of the parliament ahead of the vote.

Days of strikes cripple public transport

Elsewhere in the city there was a strong police presence, although numbers were significantly down on February protests when 40,000 people marched in Athens alone.

Mr Tsipras defended the reforms on Friday, telling politicians from his left-wing Syriza party — which holds a slim majority of 153 seats in the 300-seat parliament — that they would spare the poorest.

Reforming Greece’s bloated pension system was crucial to prevent “the system collapsing in a few years”, Mr Tsipras added.

Greece’s budget deficit has ballooned as it struggles to keep up with mammoth debt payments.

The country is in the grip of the third day of strikes that have paralysed public transport across the country.

During the stoppages, the fourth general strike since Mr Tsipras came to office in January 2015, the public sector has operated at a snail’s pace, while most TV and radio stations have refused to air news bulletins.

Despite the pressure from the strikes, Employment Minister Georgios Katrougalos stood by the pension overhaul, pointing to a funding shortfall of 2 billion euros ($3.1 billion).

“This reform should have been done decades ago,” he said.


«Αδελφική» ισοπαλία 2-2 για Ερυθρό Αστέρα και Ολυμπιακό


Ισόπαλος 2-2 αναδείχθηκε ο Ολυμπιακός με τον Ερυθρό Αστέρα, σε φιλική αναμέτρηση που έγινε στο Βελιγράδι για να εορταστούν οι τίτλοι που κατέκτησαν οι δύο ομάδες.

Οι Σέρβοι προηγήθηκαν δύο φορές αλλά ο Ολυμπιακός αντέδρασε και έδειξε έτοιμος για τον τελικό Κυπέλλου με την ΑΕΚ.

Σε εορταστικό κλίμα έγινε το ματς αφού όπως είναι γνωστό οι δύο σύλλογοι είναι αδελφοποιημένοι με τους οπαδούς των δύο ερυθρόλευκων ομάδων να κάθονται μαζί και να τραγουδούν από κοινού τα συνθήματα των συλλόγων τους.

Ο Ερυθρός Αστέρας προηγήθηκε στο 36′ με πλασέ του Όρλαντιτς σε κενή εστία έπειτα από συνδυασμό των Πέτκοβιτς-Σρνιτς, αλλά ο Ολυμπιακός απάντησε άμεσα με τον Φορτούνη να βγάζει ωραία κάθετη στον Ερνάνι και εκείνος να πλασάρει για το 1-1 στο 40′.

Στο 53′ ο Κατάι, πρώην παίκτης του Ολυμπιακού και του Πλατανιά στη συνέχεια, πέρασε όποιον βρήκε από αριστερά, μπήκε στην περιοχή και πλάσαρε υπέροχα τον Καπίνο, βάζοντας ξανά τους Σέρβους μπροστά στο σκορ.

Ωστόσο, ο Ολυμπιακός απάντησε εκ νέου πολύ γρήγορα και ισοφάρισε με τον Κασάμι έπειτα από γύρισμα του Πάρντο στο 56′, διαμορφώνοντας το τελικό 2-2.

Ερυθρός Αστέρας (Μίοντραγκ Μπόζοβιτς): Κάχριμαν, Πέτκοβιτς, Ρέντουλιτς, Λούκοβιτς, Ιμπάνιεθ, Ντόναλντ, Λε Ταλέκ, Πλάβσιτς, Κάταϊ, Σέρνιτς, Όρλαντιτς.

Ολυμπιακός (Μάρκο Σίλβα): Ρομπέρτο (46’ Καπίνο), Σαλίνο (76’ Μπουχαλάκης), Μαζουακού (76’ Τσιμίκας), Μποτία (79’ Βούρος), Ντα Κόστα (46’ Σιόβας), Μιλιβόγεβιτς (46’ Κασάμι), Καμπιάσο (62’ Ζντιέλαρ), Φορτούνης (46’ Τσόρι), Φουστέρ (46’ Πάρντο), Ερνάνι (62’ Ντουρμάζ), Πουλίδο (46’ Σεμπά).


Αγκαλιά με τον τίτλο η «Μπάρτσα», ακολουθεί η Ρεάλ, εκτός μάχης η Ατλέτικο

B651C84F3E788DA636E87EEF03A4BF8BΗ Μπαρτσελόνα διέλυσε με 5 -0 την “συμπολίτισσα” Εσπανιόλ στο “Καμπ Νόου” και έτσι με νίκη την τελευταία αγωνιστική κόντρα στην Γρανάδα θα πανηγυρίσει το πρωτάθλημα. Στο κατόπι της “Μπάρτσα” ,με ένα πόντο λιγότερο, παρέμεινε η Ρεάλ Μαδρίτης, που νίκησε με 3-2 την Βαλένθια στο “Σαντιάγκο Μπερναμπέου”. Η Ατλέτικο με την εκτός έδρας ήττα της απο την υποβιβασμένη Λεβάντε με 2-1 έμεινε οριστικά εκτός διεκδίκησης του τίτλου.

Αναλυτικά τα αποτελέσματα και οι σκόρερ:

Σοσιεδάδ-Ράγιο Βαγεκάνο 2-1
(12΄ Οίαρθαμπαλ, 50΄ Μπαουτίστα – 69΄ Χάβι Γκουέρα)

Ρεάλ Μαδρίτης-Βαλένθια 3-2
(26΄, 59΄ Ρονάλντο, 42΄ Μπενζεμά – 55΄ Ροντρίγκο, 81΄ Αντρέ Γκόμες)

Βιγιαρεάλ-Λα Κορούνια 0-2
(32΄ Φαχρ, 57΄ Λούκα Πέρεθ)

Χετάφε-Σπόρτινγκ Χιχόν 1-1
(80΄ Σκέποβιτς – 50΄ Άλβαρεθ)

Εϊμπάρ-Μπέτις 1-1
( 74΄ Ένριχ- 37΄ Κάστρο)

Μπαρτσελόνα-Εσπανιόλ 5-0
(8΄ Μέσι, 52΄, 61΄ Σουάρεθ, 74΄ Ραφίνια, 83΄ Νεϊμάρ)

Σεβίλη-Γρανάδα 1-4
(73΄ Γκονζάλεθ – 45΄, 88΄ Κουένκα, 79΄ Μπαμπίν, 86΄ πεν. Ελ Σαράμπι)

Λας Πάλμας-Αθλέτικ Μπιλμπάο 0-0

Θέλτα-Μάλαγα 1-0
(31΄ Νολίτο)

Λεβάντε-Ατλέτικο Μαδρίτης 2-1
(31΄ Κασαντέσους, 90΄ Ρόσι – 2΄ Τόρες)

ΒΑΘΜΟΛΟΓΙΑ (σε 37 αγώνες)

Μπαρτσελόνα 88 –Champions League (όμιλοι)–
Ρεάλ Μαδρίτης 87 –Champions League (όμιλοι)–
Ατλέτικο Μαδρίτης 85 –Champions League (όμιλοι)–
Βιγιαρεάλ 64 –Champions League (προκρ.)–
Θέλτα 60 –Europa League–
Αθλέτικ Μπιλμπάο 59 –Europa League–
Σεβίλη 52 –Europa League–
Μάλαγα 45
Σοσιεδάδ 45
Βαλένθια 44
Λας Πάλμας 44
Εϊμπάρ 43
Μπέτις 42
Λα Κορούνια 42
Εσπανιόλ 40
Γρανάδα 39
Σπόρτινγκ Χιχόν 36
Χετάφε 36
Ράγιο Βαγεκάνο 35
Λεβάντε 32 –Υποβιβασμός–


Greek Australian history gutted


Damage to the East Melbourne church worse than expected

The history of the Greek presence in Australia took a serious blow on Monday, when Victoria’s first Orthodox church was severely damaged in a fire, including icons dating back to the 1800s.

The incident took place at the heritage-listed Annunciation of our Lady (Evangelismos) in East Melbourne at approximately 1.00 pm, shortly after a morning liturgy was held to celebrate the holy day of Saint George.

No one was inside the church at the time, and the fire brigade managed to gain control of the blaze in half an hour, with the majority of the damage occurring in the west wing of the church.

While reasons behind the cause of the fire have yet to be confirmed by Victoria Police in writing, president of the Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne and Victoria (GOCMV) Bill Papastergiadis informed Neos Kosmos that police had concluded the fire was not suspicious.

“The police told us … that they have formed the view that it’s an accidental fire, but they haven’t provided any further particulars,” he said, with the final report expected to be complete next week.

So far the damage is estimated at more than $500,000, and though it will take time to rebuild, Mr Papastergiadis says the community is dedicated to its restoration.

“Planning for the church’s restoration will begin as soon as the police and the MFB finish their investigation and a full account has been taken of the damage,” he said.

“What we’re now doing is we’re in the process of engaging with all of the relevant stakeholders to rebuild the church to its former glory, so we’re committed to that. And we have already started meetings with the insurance assessors and also involving the Archdiocese with their experience as well.”

The president also added that there are plans to set up an appeal fund to assist with rebuilding the historic site, which parish priest Father Kosmas Damianides acknowledged has been part of parishioner’s lives for many years.

“Many people have got married here, many people have got christened here, it’s devastating that the church has caught on fire,” said Father Damianides.

Mr Papastergiaidis admitted “it brought a tear to my eye”.

“I’m a regular attendee at that church and not only did it have antiquities in the sense that it had the icons and tapestries that were over a hundred years old, but putting that aside, it’s also got enormous spiritual and symbolic importance to our community and myself personally,” he explained.

It is yet unknown whether the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Greece or Australia will assist in replacing the priceless damaged icons, though discussions are currently being held with companies specialising in the restoration of antiquities.

Built by the Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne and Victoria, The Annunciation of our Lady (Evangelismos) was constructed in 1900-2 to serve Greeks, Syrians and other nationalities of the Orthodox faith. It is protected by the Heritage Act 1995 and was listed as part of the Victorian Heritage Register in 1982.

Source:Neos Kosmos

Provocative #ReturnTheMarbles campaign has London losing its marbles


The advertisement placed next to the British Museum in London.

South Australia’s Foundation for Hellenic Studies is behind the bold billboard ad strategically placed next to the British Museum

Adelaide’s Foundation for Hellenic Studies has done it again putting up a risqué electronic billboard poster just a few hundred metres off the British Museum in Holborn, London.

The advertisement shows the image of a naked male statue with the following quote cleverly placed to cover its private parts, yet sending a clear message.

“We gave you philosophy, democracy, logic, drama, comedy, justice… Please give us back our Marbles.”

Bill Muirhead, who designed the aforementioned ad is South Australia’s agent-general in the United Kingdom and Europe.

As part of the SA-based organisation’s #ReturnTheMarbles campaign which started in 2013, the banner aims to push the British government for an answer.

South Australian Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis has also joined the campaign, along with Senator Nick Xenophon, endorsing its motto: “To champion the cause to Return the Marbles home”.

“Australians have fought in the past to have Indigenous artefacts returned to Australia because of their value to our Indigenous culture,” Mr Koutsantonis said.

“The same should happen in Europe. These marbles were robbed and stolen from the people in Greece, from the people of the world. They deserve to be back at the Parthenon which is a great temple, not just to Greek gods but to democracy itself.”

In his interview with the ABC, Mr Koutsantonis clarified that his advocacy of Hellenic affairs does not in any way interfere with his role in the Australian parliament.

“I’ve fought for the unification of Cyprus, to end the illegal occupation of Cyprus. I’ve fought for many issues affecting Greeks including the use of the term Macedonia,” he stressed.

“There’s an old saying in life, you can love your mother and your wife. Greece is my mother and Australia is my home so I can love both at the same time.”

The British Museum has yet to comment on the billboard directly, however, the statement released by its press office said that keeping the Parthenon Marbles in London, “allows a worldwide audience to see them. They are part of the world’s shared heritage and transcend political boundaries,” said the British Museum in a statement.

Meanwhile, acclaimed solicitor QC Geoffrey Robertson will be speaking at a fundraising dinner in Adelaide this evening, supporting the return of the Elgin marbles to Greece.

Source:Neos Kosmos