Antonis Remos tour to go ahead


As a tribute to Pandelis Pandelidis

Let me first begin by expressing our deep appreciation and gratitude to the Greek Australian community for your heartfelt condolences and the respect and patience you have afforded us in this time of great tragedy and bereavement. You should all be commended and I sincerely thank you.

After many discussions and deliberations with Antonis Remos, we have decided to go ahead with all scheduled Australian performances this May. Remos was not only Pantelidis’ idol and mentor but also one of his most beloved and respected friends. Remos is of the strong belief that Pantelidis would have wanted us to continue with the show in his honour and as a celebration of his life and immense talent.

The concerts will be held as a tribute to this great man who passed away so tragically and all too soon. Unfortunately, we will never hear his angelic voice and soul-wrenching lyrics again but, as a tribute to him, we announce there will be at least two other artists joining Remos on stage to honour his memory and help us say goodbye. The identities of the artists will be announced within the next 48 hours. Although Pantelidis can never be replaced, you can be sure that these artists are among the best in the industry and will do his memory and his music the justice it deserves.

For those of you who will attend this tribute concert, your original tickets continue to be valid. For those who require a refund, please contact your point of purchase after 1 March and it will be made available to you.

This is going to be an amazing, emotional and befitting way to commemorate an artist who touched all of our hearts and souls. One of the greatest talents the Greek music industry has ever known.

Together, let us rejoice in his memory which will live eternally through his music.
Once again we thank you immensely for your patience.

Kind regards.

* Theo Kanatas runs Eleven 11 Pty Ltd – building services and Juggernaut Entertainment Pty Ltd

source:neos kosmos

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