Chaos on a Greek highway


Taxis, tractors and refugees blocking the borders to FYROM

At least 80 buses packed with migrants were halted by the police on a major highway in Greece, about 10 kilometres before the borders with FYROM.

On the FYROM side of the border, taxi drivers blocked the railway line in between the two countries, protesting over policemen giving priority to trains and buses taking the migrants to Serbia.

Dozens of tractors lined up on the Greek side, complaining over the latest government pension reforms.

The borders were closed for migrants and regular traffic was significantly delayed.

Mostly women and children fleeing the war in Syria, the majority of male migrants had to disembark from the over-packed buses and sleep on the ground.

Aid groups set about lighting camp fires and tents to accommodate the refugees, offering basic medical treatment, water and food.

“It’s not possible to get all these people into tents,” Sardar, an Iraqui refugee told 9News.

“There aren’t enough facilities, so we spent the night on the ground.”

source:neos kosmos

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