Thiasos Parikia presents a new comedy by playwright George Lazaridis

Ladies ready for everything!

Scenes from ‘Ladies Ready for Everything’ – the ladies with their cheating husbands

Ladies ready for everything!

Modern Greek Theatre company Thiasos Parikia presents a hilarious comedy by playwright George Lazaridis, Γυναίκες Έτοιμες για όλα (Ladies Ready for Everything).

Performing now at the Renaissance Theatre in Kew, audiences will be entertained by this funny, crazy, and at times raunchy play.

Sisters are doing it for themselves in this production. The women, sick and tired of their husbands being unfaithful and cheating on them, are finally ready to teach them lesson.

What is the best way to seek revenge? By being unfaithful right back of course.

The Ladies Ready for Everything are being played by actors Marina Lezou, Fenia Hatzimihail and Suzanna Papadopoulou, while the male cast includes Stavros Arberorois, George Gazetis and Thanasis Makrigiorgos.

A production suitable for all the family, Ladies Ready for Everything will run from Saturday 14 February until Saturday 28 March, with performances taking place every Saturday at 7.30 pm and every Sunday at 4.30 pm.

source:neos kosmos


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