Greek-style smartphone


A new smartphone has hit the market, catering to Greek Australian users.

Almost every Greek Australian has an older family member who is baffled by modern technology.

But with the many benefits that smart devices afford the user, Nick Kagelari and his team took it upon themselves to create a device specifically for Greeks who are unfamiliar with technology.

Manufactured by ASUS, the GreeksPhone is a smartphone preconfigured with a number of applications with Greek content, connecting Greek Australians with the motherland and their community Down Under.

Aside from usual apps such as Gmail, Facebook and Skype, users will also have direct access to the latest news from Greek news sources both abroad and locally via television, radio and video-on-demand.

The phone also comes with apps for all major Greek banks, giving customers easy access to their bank accounts overseas at the click of a button.
Online shopping has been made easy with a direct link to electronic store, and will also have a feature for real estate listings both in Greece and Australia.

“Its configuration has been completed by IT Consultants in OKNetTV Australia and the product is ready for using it. In other words, you just order the phone and when you get it there is nothing you have to install or configure by yourself,” the website explains.

A number of resources are also available through the device, including works by Plato, Thucydides and Papadiamantis, an online Greek language encyclopaedia, and a Greek to English to Greek translator.

Additionally there are first aid videos with voice instructions, recipes with video demonstrations, and a number of games including backgammon, chess and word games perfect for keeping the brain active and maintaining Greek language skills.

Three versions of the phone will be made available to the Australian market come Sunday: the Greeksphone Regular, Greeksphone Advanced, and an edition specially designed for AHEPA NSW members, all of which accept voice commands in Greek.

For those with very limited experience using technology, the device comes with a series of pre-installed training courses in Greek with instructions on all the services free of charge.

If, however, users find themselves struggling, the company also provide physical training courses in all major cities across Australia.

source:neos Kos

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