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A man claimed he altered the course of a flight after hacking the in-flight entertainment system


Chris Roberts has claimed he altered the course of a flight by hacking the controls.

AN AMERICAN researcher has claimed he altered the course of an aeroplane after hacking its in-flight entertainment system.

Chris Roberts, a respected cybersecurity professional with One World Labs, had his computers seized and was taken in for questioning by the FBI after he posted a tweet on board a United Airlines flight.

The tweet, since deleted, was apparently in jest and saw Roberts suggest he could tap into the aircraft’s crew alert system and cause passenger oxygen masks to drop.

According to a warrant application obtained by Wired, Mr Roberts claimed he had hacked the in-flight entertainment systems on 15 to 20 flights between 2011 and 2014.

“[Roberts] stated that he thereby caused one of the aeroplane engines to climb resulting in a lateral or sideways movement of the plane during one of these flights,” FBI agent Mark Hurley wrote.

Roberts was able to gain access to the access to the in-flight system after prying open the electronics box under his seat before connecting his laptop via an Ethernet cable.

It was here he was able to scan the network for security flaws and monitor communications from the cockpit.

Since the affidavit has been made public, a number of security researchers have taken to twitter to slam the hacker.

“I find it really hard to believe but if that is the case he deserves going to jail,” wrote Jaime Blasco, director of AlienVault Labs in a tweet.

“You cannot promote the (true) idea that security research benefits humanity while defending research that endangered hundreds of innocents,” wrote Alex Stamos, chief information security officer of Yahoo.

Mr Roberts said he was concerned that the warrant application had been made public.

“My biggest concern is obviously with the multiple conversations that I had with the authorities,” he told Wired.

“I’m obviously concerned those were held behind closed doors and apparently they’re no longer behind closed doors.”

He said one paragraph in the affidavit regarding his alleged hacking of the United Airlines flight had been taken out of context.

“That paragraph that’s in there is one paragraph out of a lot of discussions, so there is context that is obviously missing which obviously I can’t say anything about,” he said.

“It would appear from what I’ve seen that the federal guys took one paragraph out of a lot of discussions and a lot of meetings and notes and just chose that one as opposed to plenty of others.”


Greece came close to not paying IMF



The Greek government is hoping that it will be able to reach a technical agreement with lenders this week, paving the way for it to receive the funds that would allow it to continue meeting its obligations.

The difficulty the coalition is facing in servicing its debt and paying pensions and salaries was highlighted by events a few days ago, when – as Kathimerini can reveal – Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras wrote to International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde to inform her that Athens would not be able to pay the 750 million euros due to the Fund on May 12 unless the European Central Bank allowed Greece to issue T-bills.

Kathimerini understands that the letter, sent on Friday, May 8, was also delivered to European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and ECB President Mario Draghi. Sources also said that Tsipras called US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew to inform him of the situation.

It was only over the weekend that a decision to pay the IMF was taken after it emerged that Greece could use some 650 million euros denominated in Special Drawing Rights issued by the IMF and held in a reserve account to meet the debt repayment. The government provided another 90 million euros from other sources to make the payment on May 12.

An internal IMF memo leaked by Channel 4 in the UK indicated that Fund officials see Greece’s negotiations with its lenders as being finely balanced. They note that some progress has been made but that the “process is still problematic” as Greek negotiators seem to have “limited room” for maneuver and staff at the institutions do not have access to ministers in Athens.

The note sees progress in the areas of value-added tax, tax administration and an insolvency framework but says that there have been no advances at all in other areas, including on setting new fiscal targets.

The IMF officials also express concern that the government is reversing some of the reforms implemented in previous years, especially in terms of the labor market. The memo also raises again the issue of the sustainability of Greece’s debt, saying that there is an “inverse relationship” between the reforms being asked of Greece and the sustainability of its debt. The note, however, says that the Fund is not “pushing European partners to consider a debt relief.”


Hamilton Olympic triumph 2-1 over Jets Youth


Results from this weekend games:
Senior NPL
Olympic vs Jets Youth
1st Grade won 2-1 (Kane Goodchild, Andrew Swan)
Under 22s lost 2-3 (Heath Kepreotes, Ben Koina)
Under 19s postponed
Youth NPL
Olympic vs Maitland
Under 17s won 7-1
Under 15s won 3-0
Under 14s won 2-1
Under 13s drew 1-1
Zone League 2
Olympic vs Tenambit
1st Grade won 3-1
2nd Grade won 3-0
Community Juniors
U13s Olympic defeated Broadmeadow Magic 1-0
U12s Olympic lost to Broadmeadow Magic 2-0
U11s Olympic defeated New Lambton 4-1
U10s Olympic defeated Wallsend 5-1
U9s Olympic defeated Broadmeadow Magic 12-1
U9s Bye
U8s A Olympic defeated Broadmeadow Magic 5-3
U8s B Olympic lost to Broadmeadow Magic 1-5
U7s Olympic defeated Kotara B 20-3
U7s Olympic defeated Broadmeadow Magic 10-0
U6s Olympic defeated Merewether 5-4
U6s Olympic lost to Broadmeadow Magic 3-2

source:Jim Pappas

Frank Lowy takes massive fall in A-League Grand Final


A SCARE was sent around the stadium during the A-League Grand Final as billionaire FFA chairman Frank Lowy tumbled off the stage.

As the 84-year-old was called upon to present the trophy to triumphant Melbourne Victory captain Mark Milligan, Lowy lost his footing and fell backwards off the stage.

The moment stunned the capacity crowd at Melbourne’s AAMI Park.

Medics rushed to help Lowy off the turf.

He eventually was able to get to his feet and return to the stage to present the trophy, bringing a huge roar from the crowd.

Lowy later left the field unassisted.

Victory claimed an historic third A-League championship with a deserved 3-0 win over Sydney FC.

A scintillating first-half Besart Berisha half-volley was followed by late goals to Kosta Barbarouses and Leigh Broxham in the final ten minutes to give Victory an empathic scoreline.


Επίθεση αρκούδας σε κτηνοτροφική μονάδα στην Ξάνθη


Επίθεση από αρκούδα δέχθηκε μικρή κτηνοτροφική μονάδα στην Ισαία της Ξάνθης. Μετά την επίθεση, εντοπίστηκαν νεκρά 5 αιγοπρόβατα.

Όπως σημειώνει ο Χρήστος Λιάρος από το Δασαρχείο της Ξάνθης «επειδή είναι πολύ πιθανόν η αρκούδα να επιτεθεί ξανά σε κοπάδι θα πρέπει οι κτηνοτρόφοι να είναι ιδιαίτερα προσεκτικοί με ζώα τους. Ένα αποτελεσματικό μέτρο προφύλαξης είναι η χρήση ηλεκτροφόρων καλωδίων που κρατάει μακριά τις αρκούδες καθώς και η χρήση κατάλληλης ράτσας σκύλων(ελληνικός ποιμενικός ) για την προστασία των κοπαδιών τους».

Aξίζει να σημειωθεί ότι πολύ κοντά από το σημείο περπατούσαν λίγο πριν το περιστατικό 21 ορειβάτες ΕΟΣ Ξάνθης.

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Euroleague, ο τελικός: Απόψε η μεγάλη μάχη του Ολυμπιακού


Ένα ακόμη θαύμα καλείται να κάνει απόψε στις 9 το βράδυ ο Ολυμπιακός κόντρα στη Ρεάλ Μαδρίτης, έτσι ώστε να καταφέρει να βρεθεί για τέταρτη φορά στο υψηλότερο σκαλί της Ευρώπης.

Μετά την υπέρβαση κόντρα στην ΤΣΣΚΑ Μόσχας των πολλών εκατομμυρίων, η ομάδα του Γιάννη Σφαιρόπουλου θα πρέπει να υπερβάλει για μία ακόμη φορά εαυτόν κόντρα στους Μαδριλένους, οι οποίοι θέλουν όσο τίποτα άλλο να σηκώσουν το πολυπόθητο τρόπαιο της Euroleague, μπροστά στους φιλάθλους τους.

Σφαιρόπουλος: «Η Ρεάλ είναι το φαβορί»

Ο προπονητής του Ολυμπιακού Γιάννης Σφαιρόπουλος έχρισε τη Ρεάλ Μαδρίτης ως το φαβορί για τη νίκη, κατά τη διάρκεια της χθεσινής συνέντευξης Τύπου, ωστόσο τόνισε ότι η ομάδα του ξέρει τον τρόπο να αντιμετωπίζει τα φαβορί και το απέδειξε στο παιχνίδι με την ΤΣΣΚΑ.

Ο Γιάννης Σφαιρόπουλος είπε πως το σημαντικότερο από όλα είναι ο Ολυμπιακός να παραμείνει συγκεντρωμένος στο πλάνο που έχει για την συγκεκριμένη αναμέτρηση.

Η άμυνα «κλειδί» για τη νίκη

Κοινή παραδοχή όλων των παιχτών του Ολυμπιακού είναι ότι η άμυνα θα αποτελέσει το «κλειδί» για την κατάκτηση της κούπας.

Ο Βασίλης Σπανούλης τόνισε ότι: «θα κοιτάξουμε να βελτιωθούμε γιατί δεν κάναμε καλό παιχνίδι την Παρασκευή. Ας μην γελιόμαστε δεν παίξαμε καλά. Δείξαμε χαρακτήρα και καρδιά για να το πάρουμε και τώρα πρέπει να κάνουμε ένα καλύτερο παιχνίδι στον τελικό».

Από την πλευρά του, ο Γιώργος Πρίντεζης σημείωσε ότι η ομάδα του διαθέτει πολλούς παίχτες που μπορούν να «σκοτώσουν» τον αντίπαλο.

«Δεν είμαστε μόνο εγώ και ο Βασίλης. Είναι πάρα πολλά παιδιά στη ομάδα που μπορούν να… σκοτώσουν τον αντίπαλο. Εμάς μας χαρακτηρίζει η ομαδικότητα, είναι η άμυνα, είναι ότι παίζουμε ο ένας για τον άλλον», δήλωσε ο άσος των ερυθρόλευκων.

Λάσο: «Μπορώ να σταματήσω τον Σπανούλη αλλά…»

Υπερήφανος για την ομάδα του τόνισε ότι είναι ο Πάμπλο Λάσο, καθώς η Ρεάλ θα βρεθεί για τρίτη φορά σερί στον τελικό της Ευρωλίγκας.

«Είναι ένας ακόμη τελικός για μας, ο τρίτος την τελευταία τριετία κι αυτό λέει πολλά για την ομάδα μας. Είμαστε περήφανοι γι’ αυτό. Είχαμε ένα άσχημο ξεκίνημα, με παίκτες που άργησαν να έρθουν από το Μουντομπάσκετ, αλλά δέσαμε και φτάσαμε μέχρι το τέλος», επισήμανε χαρακτηριστικά ο Πάμπλο Λάσο.

Όσο για το πως θα αντιμετωπίσει τον Βασίλη Σπανούλη; Ο Ισπανός προπονητής απάντησε ότι υπάρχει τρόπος να σταματήσει τον αρχηγό του Ολυμπιακού αλλά τότε θα τον σκοτώσει ο Πρίντεζης.

Θέλουν να το σηκώσουν στην έδρα τους

Κοινή παραδοχή όλων των παιχτών της Ρεάλ Μαδρίτης είναι πως ο σημερινός αγώνας αποτελεί μία πρώτης τάξεως ευκαιρία προκειμένου να κατακτήσουν το πολυπόθητο τρόπαιο, αφού θα αγωνιστούν στην έδρα τους.

Ο Ρούντι Φερνάντεθ δήλωσε ότι: «είμαστε πολύ χαρούμενοι που είμαστε στον τελικό, εδώ στη Μαδρίτη με τον κόσμο μας. Είναι ευκαιρία για μας και θα προσπαθήσουμε να κατακτήσουμε τον τίτλο».

Ο Αντρές Νοτσιόνι, από την πλευρά του, σημείωσε ότι: «τα τελευταία χρόνια η Ρεάλ συγκροτεί πολύ καλά ρόστερ και συνεργάζεται με πολύ καλούς παίκτες, στην προσπάθειά της να κατακτήσει τον τίτλο. Εύχομαι να μείνει στην Μαδρίτη αυτή τη φορά».

Διαιτητές του μεγάλου τελικού θα είναι ο Σάσα Πουκλ από την Σλοβενία, ο Μπόρις Ρίζικ από την Ουκρανία και ο Ίλια Μπελόσεβιτς από την Σερβία.

Η προσπάθεια του Ολυμπιακού για το 4ο αστέρι «παίζει» στο κορυφαίο παρκέ του ελληνικού ραδιοφώνου. Ο REAL FM 97,8, πιστός σε όλα τα μεγάλα αθλητικά ραντεβού, θα μεταδώσει LIVE τη σπουδαία αναμέτρηση. Μείνετε συντονισμένοι.


Steven Gerrard farewell: Liverpool legend plays in front of Kop for final time before MLS move

Gerrard leaves the field.

STEVEN Gerrard endured a disappointing final home match for Liverpool as Crystal Palace ruined his emotionally charged Anfield farewell with a 3-1 win in the Premier League.

Gerrard played all 90 minutes in his 709th appearance for Liverpool but couldn’t conjure up one last moment of brilliance at a stadium he has illuminated so many times in his 17-year Liverpool career.

Instead, the 34-year-old former England captain produced a fairly low-key display in a result that ended Liverpool’s slim hopes of qualifying for the Champions League. Manchester United has qualified instead.

“It was very emotional — an unbelievable send off,” said Gerrard.

“I’m proud looking back over the 17 years but me, being who I am, I’m disappointed with the team performance.

I will never forget this day but it’s a day I’ve been dreading because I’ll miss it so much.

“I’m devastated I’m never going to play in front of these supporters again.”

Gerrard, one of Liverpool’s greatest players, came onto the pitch before kick-off with his three daughters to a guard of honour from both teams.

Liverpool players wear T-shirts bearing the name and number of Steven Gerrard after the m

Liverpool players wear T-shirts bearing the name and number of Steven Gerrard after the match. Source: AP

He will leave Liverpool after next weekend’s match at Stoke — on the final weekend of the Premier League season — to join the Los Angeles Galaxy.

The final minute of the match was played to a soundtrack of “Steven Gerrard is red” sung by The Kop. Liverpool fans serenaded their captain of the past 12 years with songs throughout a frustrating match for both Gerrard and the team.

Liverpool took the lead through Adam Lallana in the 26th minute before conceding to Jason Puncheon’s free kick in the 43rd.

Gerrard greets his daughters as they join him on the pitch ahead of the game.

Gerrard greets his daughters as they join him on the pitch ahead of the game. Source: AP

Wilfried Zaha and Glenn Murray scored for Palace in the second half.

Gerrard had two shots — one that was well saved and another way off target that drew mock derision from The Kop. Gerrard saluted the fans with a thumbs-up.

The game was more a celebration of an icon, a chance to say goodbye, than a football match. Liverpool went into the match with virtually no chance of finishing in the top four, and Palace was safe from relegation, so the whole evening could be dedicated to honouring the club’s best player in a generation — perhaps ever.

Gerrard’s name was the last to be read out — to huge cheers — when the teams were announced. Accompanied by his three young kids, Gerrard touched the “This is Anfield” sign one last time in the tunnel and walked out to the guard of honour, high-fiving each Palace player.

Liverpool fans pay tribute.

Liverpool fans pay tribute. Source: Getty Images

He clapped and waved to all four stands inside Anfield, two of which had mosaics held out by fans that spelled “CAPTAIN” and “S8G.” As the club’s anthem, “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” rang out, Gerrard laughed and played with his daughters.

By this time, Gerrard was trending on Twitter, which was awash with tributes throughout the game.

He couldn’t provide a final “Gerrard moment” at Anfield in the 354th and last home match, but fans here have been spoiled with his moments of brilliance since he made his debut in 1998. He will have one more opportunity to add to his goal tally of 185 for Liverpool.

Gerrard’s departure will leave a huge void in the Liverpool team, and at the club. He has been captain since 2003. He has been Liverpool’s symbol for the past decade, the player the team has turned to in times of need, and has set the standard in matches and training.

He departs with 10 trophies for Liverpool — and a bunch of memories.


Hate preachers and terrorists could be stripped of citizenship under anti-terrorism proposal


Harun Mehicevic outside the Al-Furqan Da’wah Centre and Bookshop in Springvale South. Source: News Corp Australia

HATE preachers and terrorists face being stripped of their Australian citizenship and sent back to their original countries under tough anti-terrorism measures being examined by the Abbott Government.

The proposal would see immigrants who became Australian citizens but then preached hate or carried out terrorist attacks given a one-way ticket back to their birth countries, or a third nation.

The move could for the first time encompass Australian citizens who were not dual nationals, meaning the terrorists and hate preachers would have to be accepted by another country.


That would mean people such as Melbourne hate preacher Harun Mehicevic, who migrated from Bosnia but became an Australian citizen in 1996, are on notice they could be stripped of their citizenship if found to be acting against the interests of Australia.

A Cabinet source said the plan would not affect Australian-born citizens who do not have or have not held another nationality.

Man Haron Monis could have been a candidate for deportation under the proposal.

Man Haron Monis could have been a candidate for deportation under the proposal. Source: Supplied

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has indicated support for stripping dual nationals of their citizenship: “We cannot allow bad people to use our good nature against us.”

And in a sign of the growing momentum within the Government for an overhaul of the Citizenship Act, the chairman of Parliament’s powerful Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security, Dan Tehan, has called for an international agreement signed with the United Nations to be amended to give Australia more power to banish terrorists.

Abdul Nacer Benbrika.

Abdul Nacer Benbrika. Source: Supplied

The Government has been examining the Citizenship Act since February but until now was believed to be focused on dual nationals, such as the leaders of the 2005 MCG terror plot, Abdul Nacer Benbrika and Mohamed Ali Elomar.

But Mr Tehan has gone further, writing in the Herald Sun that Australia should follow Britain in cracking down on citizens who betray the country that has bestowed citizenship upon them.

“It is time we looked at new ways to revoke the citizenship of those who wish to harm us and have abused those rights and privileges,’’ he said.

Mr Tehan, the Liberal MP for Wannon, said the new laws introduced by the United Kingdom were “a sensible example for Australia”.

Since Australia’s terror threat level was raised to high last September, 23 people have been arrested in eight counterterrorism operations.

Government sources have told the Herald Sun that the agreement Australia signed with the UN in 1973 meant Australian citizens could not be stripped of their citizenship.

More than 60 countries have signed up to the UN Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness 1961, which is one of two treaties spelling out the legal framework to protect refugees and individuals from being rendered stateless, or without a country to call home.

It makes it almost impossible for a government to strip citizenship from a person who is not a dual national.

But unlike Australia several countries, including the UK and New Zealand, lodged notices called “reservations’’ at the time they signed the treaty, which gave them greater powers to revoke citizenship.

Mr Tehan is calling for Australia to lodge a late “reservation’’, arguing the treaty makes it more difficult for Australia to consider treason charges against some terrorists.

If Australia had previously been able to strip Australian citizenship from those who had given up their birth-country citizenship, the Government would have been able to deport Man Haron Monis, the Iranian-born hate preacher who raged against Australia for years despite being awarded citizenship.

He then went on to launch the Lindt cafe siege last year, which claimed two lives.


Massive squid with 5 metre long tentacles washes up on New Zealand Beach

Wow ... The giant squid which washed up on a beach on New Zealand's South Island this wee


A MONSTER from the deep measuring more than 7 metres in length has surprised locals after washing up on a popular New Zealand beach.

The massive squid was discovered by walkers in South Bay in Kaikoura but has since been moved to the Kaikoura Marine Centre and Aquarium where its on display.

Giant of the sea ... The squid dwarfs a local who headed to the beach to see the rare sig

Giant of the sea … The squid dwarfs a local who headed to the beach to see the rare sight. Picture: Facebook/Kaikoura Marine Centre and Aquarium Source: Facebook

“Before the birds got to it — we got help to move it to the aquarium where it is safe inside a freezer with glass windows so you can see it — on display until we can do more with it,” they wrote on their Facebook page along with a number of photos.

“The mantle itself is over 2m long with a 19cm eye diameter! The longest tentacle is just a over 5m! What a beast!”

Suckers ... These suckers are the size of a small dinner plate. Picture: Facebook/Kaikour


US forces kill senior IS leader Abu Sayyaf, capture his wife Umm Sayyaf


US special forces killed a senior Islamic State group leader and captured his wife in a daring raid in eastern Syria, the White House has announced.

In the course of the dramatic operation, a Yazidi woman believed to have been enslaved by the couple was rescued as well, officials said.

The bold raid, with elite American commandos striking at the inner circle of the IS group in their eastern Syrian stronghold, was a rare use of “boots on the ground” by the United States, which has fought the jihadists almost entirely from the air.

On orders from US President Barack Obama, the special operations forces based in Iraq sought to capture the IS militant, Abu Sayyaf, who oversaw oil smuggling and military operations for the jihadists. But the extremist was killed after firing on the US troops, the White House said.

“During the course of the operation, Abu Sayyaf was killed when he engaged US forces,” a spokeswoman for the White House national security council, Bernadette Meehan, said on Saturday in a statement.

His wife, Umm Sayyaf, suspected of being a member of the IS group, was captured, Ms Meehan said.

“The operation also led to the freeing of a young Yazidi woman who appears to have been held as a slave by the couple. We intend to reunite her with her family as soon as feasible,” Ms Meehan said.

The Yazidis, a religious minority in northwest Iraq with ancient origins, have been persecuted by the IS jihadists and rights groups say Yazidi women have been kidnapped, raped and sold among the extremists.

The IS militant’s wife was under “US military detention in Iraq” but American officials had not yet decided on her ultimate legal fate.

US officials suspect she “played an important role in ISIL’s terrorist activities, and may have been complicit in the enslavement of the young woman rescued last night,” the White House said.

The American forces went after Sayyaf in Al-Omar in eastern Syria, one of the country’s biggest oil fields.

US forces suffered no casualties in the night raid, officials said, without offering details about how many troops were involved or what units were deployed.

The raid was carried out with the full approval of the Iraqi government, officials said.